Apples, exploration, and God’s Creation

The last few days have been interesting with my husband and I doing more exploration of the Spokane area and its many things to do.

Our day of exploration began yesterday as we had some friends over for dinner.  My husband went to high school with this couple and they live close to us so they brought steaks to grill.  It was a nice time of fun, food, and fellowship as we caught up on each other’s lives and enjoyed the meal.

Along with the steak, the friends brought fresh tomatoes from their garden (this is after they brought another basket of delicious food when we first moved in) so the conversation turned to God’s good food that came from the ground directly and not just something you buy at a store.  Fresh food – straight from the farmer / gardner – always tastes more sweeter and seems to last a bit longer.

Next, we realized we had free time today so we decided to do even explore the great Spokane area some more.  We already have our own area figured out – I even figured out a different route between our town and a neighboring town without barely getting lost and using the GPS system.

To do some more exploring, we headed north on one of the main streets in Spokane and discovered more stores and other goodies for later exploration.  This road took us northwest towards Colville but we did not want to go that far so we turned around and saw a sign for a farm museum.  After driving a bit off the main road, we discovered it was closed so we left the area but discovered some beautiful farm land…wow…God’s creation still amazes me with how He creates and seems to paint the many colors of His creation.

Next, we headed back to Spokane and ended up getting lost again so we took one road and discovered an area called Green Bluff.  I have heard of it and its a place that has farms that sell their produce directly from their farm or ranch.  Like a farmers market except you go to the farm itself!  Very fun place to visit especially as we stopped at one ranch and found treasures in the form of fresh fruit (plus other produce) and other goodies.

I was able to pick up some apple butter, apple cinnamon bbq sauce (here comes the chicken this week) and peach syrup (need to make pancakes or French toast this week).  All of this food looks yummy and the fruit is simply delicious!  I hope to return for a box of apples and turn them into more goodies as we stock up before I return to school and  hopefully an actual job soon.

After more exploration, we made our way home as today’s journey reminded us that we found a good place to live and continue to reminded so as we become involved at a local Assembly of God church through bible studies, a ladies’ event, and even a night of prayer.

Finally, this journey was a reminder of how blessed we are to find such good wholesome food plus a great view of God’s creative nature…yes, our new journey has been a blessing and we hope to learn more about our community so stay tuned as we provide updates…

So, what reminds you of God and His many blessings?  What does your home or new journey show that reminds of God our Creator?

We can walk to church…

Well, the doors have been opening up for us as we prepare to move to Medical Lake. Today, we signed the lease and did all the other paperwork. So we are almost set to move two weeks from today…quite the journey.

We’ve spent the last two days exploring and getting to know the ‘hood. There are a ton of camping grounds and we counted at least 4 – that’s right – 4 lakes within a few miles of our apartment. One is less than a mile.

We have a gazillion parks including one that is just steps from our back door plus a high school football field practically in our backyard. Yep, Friday nights will get interesting around our place this fall…

The people are friendly here and we discovered we’ll have to do something we have not done in like forever – actually going to the local post office (which is walking distance) to pick up our mail…as we reserved our box, we have a friendly chat with the postal worker and met a friendly woman who welcomed us to town.

This is a beautiful town and its quiet. Traffic is practically nil including taking I-90 into Spokane during “rush” hour. What a big difference between here and the Seattle-Everett area. “Rush hour” traffic is like mid morning traffic in Everett on I-5. People say they rarely get stuck in traffic – so true! Unfortunately, there are a few drivers even around here who will test your patience…sigh…guess they are everywhere.

Another cool thing is that I needed a measuring tape (thought I left it at the hotel only to discover it was in the car). I found the local hardware and walked in to see a cat sitting on the counter. Yep, a very friendly kitty cat who lives there. Again, met friendly people like the guy who helped me select a measuring tape out of a gazillion choices.

Our next adventure was locating a washer/dryer for our new apartment. Our new landlord recommended a place. So, we went over and found a great washer and dryer and again, friendly people at the place. He was playing great Christian music (we have a great Christian radio station here) and I asked if he knew of any churches. He knew of one but it’s too far to travel…think we’ll stick to the churches in our new town. We can walk to them and become involved. Yeah!

I can go on and on about our exploration including the friendly and warm yard sales where people believe in selling the stuff and not making big bucks. Unfortunately, we were not able to find what we needed but we will be back. Or, how I almost got stuck in a carwash (do not like self service ones) but it was a laugh…even Dene’s doc has found medical resources for us. So, things are looking up as we prepare for this journey.

Finally, the welcome mat in Medical Lake reminds me of the following verse from Matthew 10:40 (NIV):

Anyone who welcomes you welcomes me,
and anyone who welcomes me
welcomes the one who sent me.

So, what doors are opening up for you as you prepare for your own journey? Are you finding people who welcome you to their community? I pray so and please feel free to comment.

Home Sweet Home

Hello, everyone!

An update on our journey.   Well, we went over to the Spokane/Medical Lake last week and viewed three properties. 

The first was a modern day apartment that was bigger than our current apartment but was not very handicap friendly so we had to pass.

The second was a much older charming home; however, we had to walk away before we  even stepped inside.  The steps were too narrow and too high for Dene.  Don’t think I want to lug a wheelchair up those steps.

Finally, we stopped at a middle in the age range apartment that is just about perfect.  It is big and we would be saving money.  The landlord is great and friendly.  We applied and we are just waiting for word that we get the place.  She just needs one more bit of information and we will be approved.  So thanking Jesus that we get in.

This apartment is in Medical Lake, WA, and ironically I had a run in with the police years ago.  I was driving through town and had a tailgater.  Thinking I was going to slow, I sped up a little and next thing I knew, lights were flashing as I was pulled over for speeding.  Ugh!  I paid the ticket after contesting it and went on with life.  I just laugh it off and will never even go one mile over in that little town.

Now, we are interested in that little town after all these years.  It was peaceful and quiet.  On our last day there, we took some donuts and had breakfast on the beach.  It was hard to leave; however, duties back here called us away. 

We head back this week to explore and get to know the area that we hope to call home sweet home in just little over two weeks. 

We are praying that the right doors will open up for this apartment, a new job for me, and even the right caretaker for Dene. 

 We are  hoping to find the right church and if not, we can always plant one as God opens doors and provides. 

Finally, it was a great trip and we look forward to moving in a couple of weeks.

So, does anyone know of any good churches in the Spokane area? 

Quick update on our journey…

Hello, I have not forgotten about you, my faithful followers.  This week I am in the midst of working on a final with plans to look at housing in the Spokane area.  We have three prospects so praying that all goes well in finding the home that God has chosen for us. 

Additionally, I am praying that all is well with each of you and may God bless you.  Stay tuned for a new blog about the progress on hunting for a new home.  Perhaps we will have good news; otherwise, we will be heading back next week to look again.

Again, blessings to each of you! 


So many times, you are driving along and up ahead, you see road signs that say “road construction” and “detour.”  Like roads, life is like that sometimes as you prepare for a journey as you encounter signs that say timing is not right and detour is necessary.

That has happened to us as we prepare for our journey to Nevada with some issues regarding my husband’s health and trying to focus on my master.

If we were to go anywhere right now, I would be completely alone without family support to help with my husband.  Currently he is facing a crisis on his finger and if it becomes infected, he will lose one more finger on his left hand.  He has already lost two and if he loses another one, it will be difficult for him to take care of himself for a while.  This would put more strain on me especially if I find a job along with school and other typical household stuff.

Therefore,to allow more time to finish my master degree and to ensure that I have family support close by, we are taking a detour for a couple of years.

So, the announcement is that this detour is leading us to the Spokane – Coeur d’Alene area for the time being.

It has not been an easy decision especially since I’ve had my doubts over the last few weeks about Nevada.  With this change of plans, I may wonder if I’m not trusting God enough to take care of us.  Now, we must trust Him to take care of us as we make this detour.

Above all, we must remember that God knows what He is doing and that His ways are different than our ways per Is 55:8-9 (MSG):

I don’t think the way you think.

The way you work isn’t the way I work.”

God’s Decree.

“For as the sky soars high above earth,

so the way I work surpasses the way you work,

and the way I think is beyond the way you think.

Therefore, as we change our plans, we must continue to remember the ways of the Lord are different.

As for my blog, I will eventually be changing it to something new about our adventures with the move and how we fare on our own.  Therefore, my blogs will be sporadic for the next few weeks as we prepare for this journey and as I make some changes to the blog.  I will do my best to post at least once a week and ask that all of my loyal followers – which is you guys and gals – to continue to follow as we work through this transition.

Do you feel as if the Lord wants you to take a different route in your journey?  If so, feel free to comment as well as comment on this blog with your thoughts.

And, who knows?  Perhaps, during this time, God will take us in a different direction or He may just preparing the way for us to finish the journey to the deserts of Nevada.

Blessings to all of you and may the Lord direct your paths to the right one, even if there is a detour, as He prepares you for a journey.