Quick update on our journey…

Hello, I have not forgotten about you, my faithful followers.  This week I am in the midst of working on a final with plans to look at housing in the Spokane area.  We have three prospects so praying that all goes well in finding the home that God has chosen for us. 

Additionally, I am praying that all is well with each of you and may God bless you.  Stay tuned for a new blog about the progress on hunting for a new home.  Perhaps we will have good news; otherwise, we will be heading back next week to look again.

Again, blessings to each of you! 

Knocked on my Noggin to get Focused

Well, we have approximately 7 weeks before we make the move and it is coming up quick. Today was spent organizing some stuff we have stored at my in-law’s garage, where during this process I managed to bang my head on a ladder. Ouch! That hurt but I’ll live.

After bumping my head, I realized we need to slow down a bit even in the midst of this rush to get things ready, we still need to remember what the mission is all about. Recently, I wrote the following for the vision that has been cast on our hearts.


My name is Ann Cole. We – my husband Dene and I – share the vision of opening up a community-style coffee shop called Vision 63. We are being called to open this place because we want to make a change in society by reaching out to the lost and those who are considered misfits in this world. These people are hurting, lonely, and they are searching for a safe place to know and be known and to find Jesus.

 When did this vision start?

For me, this dream started when I was a kid watching my dad preach at a local church. My heart and soul has always been to minister to the lost within the community. After all, I was the kid who made friends with the least popular kids, was somewhat respected by the popular kids and enjoyed nurturing animals. Therefore, it was no surprise when I spent a weekend in a neighborhood that was known for its daily shootings during a mission trip in the mid 90s.

This trip would include cleaning up a community center house, evangelizing, and interacting with the kids. I even spoke at a local church and was given the nickname of evangelist as the dream for a community center began to take hold.

The journey towards fulfilling this calling started about seven years ago. During that time, God took me on an interesting journey when I visited the church that sponsored that ministry. As I stood in the lobby, I was reminded of my calling to minister to people within a community. Even more amazing was this church “grandfathered” the church where I was commissioned as a leader, called an evangelist once again while developing the faith to start my educational journey towards ministry.

Currently, I am pursuing a Master in Pastoral Care as it prepares me to reach out to those who are hurting in both the church and the community. I have also been involved with volunteer, and ministry opportunities for different organizations.

Finally, I am highly skilled in technology, administration, supervision, accounting, and analyzing data that will be valuable in setting up a community style coffee shop that will have the following services and programs:

• Coffee and Fellowship for people who may not go to church or anyone else who wants to be involved with the ministry

• Community-style classes such as art, writing, computer, Bible, skill training, etc.

• Meeting the needs of the community through giving of resources such as providing food, training, clothing, and possibly shelter

We are learning that Nevada is one of the least religious states in this country. They need people like my husband and I to reach out to them.

Therefore, with this in mind, what is our next step? Well, stay tuned as we fill in more information with our statements, how we plan to fill in this gap, and more stories behind the mission.

So, what is your vision or purpose for life? Are you rushing to get it done but not looking at the picture of what needs to be done? Maybe slowing down and remember that God is in control of the vision and He will help you get what needs to be done finished.

ANNOUNCEMENT COMING UP – My husband will be releasing his own blog called PrayingMan63 so stay tuned for its launch.

How wide is your path?

Well howdy again, this is Ann’s husband and I will be writing tonight’s blog (yes, God has healed after the trip to the emergency room of dehydration).

Has anyone in authority ever told you to get on the straight and narrow path?

I was that young person that was told that by my senior pastor, he was a retired air force colonel and when he told you something; you always put it into action.

That was thirty five years ago and ever since then I have only fell off the straight and narrow once.

Now Ann and I are starting down a straight and narrow path to Las Vegas, you ask? How can you be on the straight and narrow in Las Vegas?

We saw quite a few hurting and lost souls in Vegas during our recent trip.  We also went to a thriving church, in the same area.

Just don’t make sense why someone couldn’t get the two together…Especially since less than 35% of the population in Nevada are affiliated with any religious organizations!  Turns out Nevada is one of ten states that fall into this statistics.  It’s time someone did something about the lost and hurting in Nevada…though ministries are thriving in that area.

So that’s why Ann and I are heading down to see if we could cast our vision to some churches and groups of pastors, thank you Jesus they will catch our vision.

This has been a long road with a lot of false starts and misleading dreams but now after much prayer on our knees and listening to the still small voice,

We are right at the jumping off place, it’s very scary.

We move ahead with faith and mercy leading our way.

So when it’s your vision or dream calling to you be bold and courageous and walk the straight and narrow path and find others that are excited about your vision, start casting and bring in the harvest.

But first we need to plant the seed…

Thanks for listening…Dene Cole (The Praying man)


What path are you traveling on?  Is it narrow or wide?

Please say that again, Lord

So, this week, i’m in the middle of a final for my class…yes, time flies by as i’m wrapping up my Casting Vision class.  Therefore, my husband will be making the contributions to the posts.  He is blind and has a simple way of writing yet he is a great communicator (some of the time : ), at least from the viewpoint of a married wife).  Anyway, hope you all have a great week as we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July.

Today we need your help and your thoughts since this will be a relaxed blogging week).


Howdy everyone out there in Ann’s blog.

This is Ann’s husband, Dene and I will be writing the blog for today.

What do you do when the brakes seem to get slammed on your current move to Las Vegas; you take a deep breath probably a whole bunch of deep breaths.  And get on your knees asking Jesus “OK LORD Jesus what is your voice and what is Satan’s interference”

Then be quiet and listen for that still small voice, sometimes the voice comes in the early morning stillness, and the answer usually doesn’t make too much sense.

Why does it not make sense because GOD’s ways are not are ways. (Isaiah 55: 8-9)

But through JESUS HE has made a way.

So if the answer comes out loud and pushy, it is likely Satan or one of his fallen angels.

So Ann and I are trying to be still and quiet listening and waiting.

But Lord we need the right answer pretty soon since are current lease is up August 31, I take another deep breath and try to still my mind

Ann and I have come up with three locations:

  1. Bitterroot valley mt
  2. Reno NV
  3. Las Vegas NV

so what do you think

should we go for one, two or three?

Three will have better employment options for ANN.

Two will let our body’s adjust to the heat (and Lake Tahoe sounds beautiful esp in winter)

One has the wonderful ranches but it gets very cold

Have you ever had this problem, trying to figure out what Jesus is trying to tell you?

At least try this, get on your knees and ask him? What next or where too next JESUS.

Thanks for listening to me… Dene Cole(the Praying Man)

Stay tuned….The Praying Man will be coming out with his own blog, talking about what it takes to get GOD’s full attention through prayer


My PS – even though this class will be ending, my blog continues as I prepare to start a new class called the Spiritual Journey of Henri Nouwen. so stay tuned.