Lost and Found

Well,  how was your week?  Have you been creative or reflective in your walk with Jesus?  Or even made an important decision to accept Him into your life?  Or do you feel lost rather you have accepted Him or not?

Throughout the book of Luke in Chapter 15 there are a few parables about sheep, coins, and even a son who were lost and so these parables reminded me of my own lost story this past week.  You see, I have been losing weight to fight a health issue and so my wedding ring has been getting loose.

Earlier this week, I ran a bunch of errands and noticed it was quite loose but I kept it on.  A few hours later, I noticed it was missing and went in an almost panicked mode…worst scenario – it was flushed down the toilet!  Or lost under the tires of a car in a store’s parking lot!  I even dug through the garbage, garbage disposal, hamburger, fish and so on (I’d split up the meat and produce picked up at the store)…but alas no ring!  We were both devastated and I moaned the loss of such a connection with my husband.

Then, a little voice kept whispering check the bags…check the bags…so I checked the baggie storage and then I checked on bag that had been shoved in an obsolete spot.  My heart leaped with joy as a small shiny object popped out and fell to the floor…rolling under a few more bags that had fallen!  Praise the Lord..after doing some more digging…I found my ring.

Quickly I tucked it away until I can find a nice chain to wear around my neck until the ring can be resized…

Lesson learned was that I need to tuck something precious away especially your ring if you notice it in a hazardous situation (yes I got the lecture from my hubby).

Above all, I felt like the woman did in Luke 15:8-10 whens he found one of her ten coins that signifies she has been faithful in her marriage.  She rejoiced just as Jesus rejoices when even just one sinner repents.  Or the Father who rejoices when His son returns home in Luke 15:11-32.


1) Do you feel lost?

2) If so, where are you at in your walk with Jesus?

3) Have you said the sinners prayer?  Or even returned to Him after a long time away from Him?

4) How do you take care of your relationship with Jesus?  Are there warning signs that you are drifting away on the way to becoming lost?

5) Did you know that even if you have drifted away, God still loves you?

Wherever you are at, I’m praying for you and will rejoice with you once you are found and return to Him…


Rejoicing over a Lost Battery…and Souls

Have you ever lost something important or valuable?  Do you remember the feeling of fear or panic?  Not too long ago, I had that feeling while on vacation when I realized I was missing part of my camera. 

Before going on vacation, I prepared my camera for the trip on to discover that we were missing the battery charger – probably misplaced in our last move.  As a result, I ordered a new one and charged the battery.  On the way out of the state, I stopped to take pictures and could not find my battery.  After frantically searching my bags, I could not find It; however, I was so thankful for phone cameras so I could get pictures of the first leg of our trip.

After arriving in Reno, after more searching, we discovered that the battery was indeed missing so my hubby bought me a new camera with his birthday gift card.  What a sweetheart! 

Throughout the Bible, there are parables about people who went in search of something that was lost.  For instance, there is the woman who lost a valuable coin in Luke 15:8-10.  When she realized she lost this coin, she went on a frantic search until she found it.  When she found it, she asked her neighbors to rejoice with her.

The person who spoke these parables in the Bible was a man called Jesus, who cares for the lost.  The lost could be those who have wondered from the church or have never accepted Jesus as their personal savior.  When they are found, Jesus rejoices with them even though they have violated His will and have committed sin because He still loves and cares for them. 

Over the years, I have learned to pray when something is lost and listen for that still small voice that tells me where to find the lost item.  It is usually where the still small voice told me to look just like it told me where to find the battery once we arrived home.  However, I went to the spot yet still no battery so a new one was ordered.

So what happened to the battery?  Well, a month later, just today, we found someone to take our couch set and as the couch was removed, there was the battery, right under the couch! 

Yes, we rejoiced just as we will rejoice when someone finds something that is valuable to them.  However, above material things, the most valuable of all is their soul as we reach out to the lost through the coffee shop by listening and ministering to their needs.

So, what do you do when you lose something?  What are you seeking?