Stepping out in Faith

When we lived in a house on the top of a hill, we would let our cat roam the neighborhood.  After we moved to our last apartment, we were to high up and on a dangerous street to allow her to roam the neighborhood.  Now, we are in a semi quiet neighborhood and we have kept her inside as she adjusts to a new home.  Two days ago, we let her step out onto the balcony and sniff her little nose around until she jumped down and snuggled under one of the bushes, unsure if she should venture further.  After a few moments, time spent fretting about her safety or wandering away too far from home, I called her back in and in she came.

Yesterday, we let her out again and off the balcony she went and under the trees to explore the outdoors some more.  After a few more moments, in she came after I called her and then she turned around and wanted back out.  Again, off she went to explore.  Every few moments, I called her back in and finally, she came back in after patiently waiting at the back door for one of to open it for her.  Since then, she has had no desire to stay in.  I think she prefers sticking close to home now that is warm, dry, and cozy for her.

This cat can be quite fearless at times and yet other times she can be a bit of a skittish fraidy cat…like us humans.  We want to be brave and step out in faith, yet we are afraid and want to stay in the comfort of our homes or other comfortable setting.

This move to Medical Lake was a step in faith yet we still have fears as we wonder if we will make it.  Part of me – the human in me – wants to run back “home” and into the comfort of familiar territory yet the part that has faith in God wants to stay and trust in Him to provide and open the doors for ministry, a new job/source of income, and even our health.

After all, according to Hebrews 11: 1 (KJV) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Yes, as we venture out on our own, we need to have faith and hope that God will provide and see us through.  There has been evidence of little things He has provided like winning a contest for a book about writing – I want to write a commentary about Paul -and a 6 month subscription to an Assembly of God magazine called the Pentecostal Evangel – wow!

Even now, in conclusion, I am about to make a great leap, another change, and it will be announced as soon as I get an answer.  This is taking a leap of faith and yet it is an answer to prayers that I contemplated as I took a break from school and explored this new land.

So, what is holding you back from taking a step of faith?  Maybe we just need to take that leap of faith just like our cat did.

The Preacher’s Kid

Last Thursday, as mentioned in my last blog, my husband and I attended a concert with Steven Curtis Chapman, Laura Story, and Jason Gray.  Each had a story – one lost a child to a horrible accident, one struggled with a husband’s illness, and another struggles with a speech impediment.  Yet God is still using each of them through a gift of music.

I learned something yesterday while talking to my mom.  She mentioned about my dad was still being used by God for ministry – yeah!  Good for him and amen that even though he just turned 70, God is still using him.

You see, he was a minister when I was a young child.  We lived in a small town and I sat in the congregation listening ot my dad preach and attending various conferences and other meetings around the state as befitting a pastor with the Assembly of God.  He left the ministry and went into carpentry to feed us five kids.

After that, life in our home seemed to change and I struggled with both my parents and being part of a somewhat dysfunctional family.  it has only been the last few years that I have seen him change as he remains involved in his local church, even leading Bible study and filling in for the pastor when he is out of town.  My dad has returned to the faith even though he was away for several years – I am proud of him.  God still can use people no matter what their life was life.

I think of my own life – I’ve had struggles and I have not always been faithful to God.  Even now, as I write this blog, I’m struggling in my faith as our finances get tighter and I need a job or someway to stay home and bring in my income; otherwise, we may lose the car – which we need – or have to throw in the towel and return back to Western Washington.  Perhaps becoming the type of kids who move back with our parents – that is the worse case scenario! Yet, I am reminded of the many times God has provided – sometimes even at the 11th hour.

Yet, as I write this, my husband encourages me to remain faithful and I’m working on a bible study called Girls with Swords by Lisa Bevere and I am studying the faith chapter in Hebrews 11 and 12.  These chapters are about people who had weaknesses yet held on to their faith even until they passed away.

Therefore, I need to remain in my faith and push forward as God continues to use me through this blog and eventually becoming a pastor as I earn my master degree.

You see, even during the times I struggled to “love” my dad during the hard times, I wanted to become a pastor like him.  I hope to someday sit at his side as he teaches me how to put together a sermon or lead a church – though i’m scared when it comes to getting in front of a crowd of people and speaking.  Yet, like the artists at the concert and my dad, God will give me the strength to do it to fulfill His purpose.

In conclusion, what weaknesses are you struggling with that are keeping you from your God’s purpose for your life?  I’m praying that even God will still use you just like He is using my dad, me, and even my husband.