Storms of Contentment


Thunder boomed and lightning flashed overhead as I experience the first t-storm in my trailer…though normally I am scared of storms, this one seems peaceful.  Though normally I want to hide under the bed, this time I just typed away to the pitter patter of rain drops on my roof…Perhaps its because I’m finally content in my own little home.  Or simply knowing that God is in control…

 Even my cat has been content…during the last couple of moves, she seemed stress to the point of not eating and/or getting sick; however, since we moved to the trailer, her appetite has been normal and she seems more playful like a little kitten…

 Though I’ve had a few incidents with the trailer like draining the tanks during a downpour (Yeah, that’s my life now…), thinking my fridge was about to go out (just a matter of adjusting the temperature), and dealing with bugs…yeah, I’ll have to find a way to keep really gigantic ants and flies out of my trailer

 Yet, I often worry about these little things…in some ways, I get impatient with them yet I’m working on being patient…because little things happening is a part of life.  I stress and worry about things like getting ready to go back to work…or making a good impression in my new community and church.

 Therefore, I need to let to let worry go as heard on the radio the other day when the DJ quoted the following by CS Lewis (The Collected Letters, vol 3):

Remember one is given strength to bear what happens to one, but not the 100 and 1 different things that might happen…and I’m sure God never teaches us to fear of anything…

Yeah, that’s me…I worry about 101 plus different things and constantly fearful like worried about what could happen as I prepare to start my new job…

 Or most recently…I had an interaction with someone and my analytical mind thought I had done something wrong because I didn’t hear from the person for a few days.  So I became almost physically sick from worry…yet, that was not the case.

 Yeah, I could say I have a right to fear because things have happened in my life…yet, I continue to pass through those valleys and come out stronger each time with the strength God has given me.

 Anyway, what are you worried about?  What can you do to lessen stress and worry in your life? 

According to Luke 12;25 (NIV) “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” 

As someone who needs to keep stress down due to a health concern, I’m not helping by worrying so I need to let go and turn it all over to God…and not be so fearful about what could happen.  Or just be like my cat as she cuddles with me during the storm…knowing Mama will take care of her like God, the Father, takes care of us…

 Or, like I do, take a moment, sit on the front step, and just enjoy His Creation and the wonders of the earth…meditating on his word with scripture reading and prayer.

Apples, exploration, and God’s Creation

The last few days have been interesting with my husband and I doing more exploration of the Spokane area and its many things to do.

Our day of exploration began yesterday as we had some friends over for dinner.  My husband went to high school with this couple and they live close to us so they brought steaks to grill.  It was a nice time of fun, food, and fellowship as we caught up on each other’s lives and enjoyed the meal.

Along with the steak, the friends brought fresh tomatoes from their garden (this is after they brought another basket of delicious food when we first moved in) so the conversation turned to God’s good food that came from the ground directly and not just something you buy at a store.  Fresh food – straight from the farmer / gardner – always tastes more sweeter and seems to last a bit longer.

Next, we realized we had free time today so we decided to do even explore the great Spokane area some more.  We already have our own area figured out – I even figured out a different route between our town and a neighboring town without barely getting lost and using the GPS system.

To do some more exploring, we headed north on one of the main streets in Spokane and discovered more stores and other goodies for later exploration.  This road took us northwest towards Colville but we did not want to go that far so we turned around and saw a sign for a farm museum.  After driving a bit off the main road, we discovered it was closed so we left the area but discovered some beautiful farm land…wow…God’s creation still amazes me with how He creates and seems to paint the many colors of His creation.

Next, we headed back to Spokane and ended up getting lost again so we took one road and discovered an area called Green Bluff.  I have heard of it and its a place that has farms that sell their produce directly from their farm or ranch.  Like a farmers market except you go to the farm itself!  Very fun place to visit especially as we stopped at one ranch and found treasures in the form of fresh fruit (plus other produce) and other goodies.

I was able to pick up some apple butter, apple cinnamon bbq sauce (here comes the chicken this week) and peach syrup (need to make pancakes or French toast this week).  All of this food looks yummy and the fruit is simply delicious!  I hope to return for a box of apples and turn them into more goodies as we stock up before I return to school and  hopefully an actual job soon.

After more exploration, we made our way home as today’s journey reminded us that we found a good place to live and continue to reminded so as we become involved at a local Assembly of God church through bible studies, a ladies’ event, and even a night of prayer.

Finally, this journey was a reminder of how blessed we are to find such good wholesome food plus a great view of God’s creative nature…yes, our new journey has been a blessing and we hope to learn more about our community so stay tuned as we provide updates…

So, what reminds you of God and His many blessings?  What does your home or new journey show that reminds of God our Creator?