The Delivery Process

Well, my trailer has been delivered and setup…though we had a few hiccups…like wrong delivery address and electricity issues…I have spent a couple of nights there already and everything seems to be going smoothly…even with a few worries like getting rained on…


First, after unloading and unpacking, I settled down…since it was a warm day, I sat on the front step and studied the scenery…on one side is a golf course and then the rest of the trailer park is surrounded by trees and mountains…plus, across, the street, is an old barn with a herd of cows!  Yeah!  I finally have my little trailer in the country…yippee!  Or should I say moo?  The simple life I’ve been dreaming about for a while…


Next, while talking to my mom, I had a visitor…a little kitty who I had met before…he/she wanted to come in; unfortunately, I had to put a stop since my little lady is very territorial.  Anyway, the little thing hung out with me before heading off to find another adventure…


That first night was interesting…I heard thumps on the roof…were wild animals breaking in?  Oh, how I worried…then it was a matter of adjusting to new sounds and a mattress; however, by the time I spent a second night, things were more comfortable…though I missed the little lady, who also missed me…and less worrisome.


Despite the ups and downs throughout the process, I am excited to live here…though it was cool “home” after church last night rather than facing the danger of deer on the road or even blinding sun to get to my other home.  Plus, it is about ten minutes versus over an hour…so sweet!  I don’t even have my laptop, radio, or even a working television yet so it was nice not to be distracted by gadgets except my phone…just enjoying God’s creation practically in the middle of nowhere…


<<sigh>> I once heard you are in the place you’re supposed to be when you’re happy…well, this new adventure called trailer is a happy and relaxed place to be…where I truly believe God is calling me to live a simple life while even ridding myself stuff.  I guess, after losing my husband, relationships are more important than stuff…


Well, at the same time, I do have other worries like how to light the propane oven, change the gray and black water tanks, and then supporting myself…yet, I also know I shouldn’t worry since God will take care of me.


After all, according to Luke 12:22 (NIV):  Jesus said to his disciples: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear…basically have faith for God to provide since according to verse 30 “your Father knows that you need them…” 


At the same time, don’t wait for things to come to you…like me, I am looking for a job; however,  I know God will provide while I work on ways to earn an income through writing or whatever God has in store for me to live this simple life.


So, what are you worried about?  Like me, I was worried something would go wrong with the delivery, which did happen but, overall, the delivery went smooth and I met some great people with my dad’s help…so trust God and unwind from worry…after all, like the delivery guy said, worry just stresses a person out so release the worry…deep breaths…and let God work things out for His glory.


Or, just bask in His marvelous creation…like my new friend who doesn’t seem to have a worry even after accidently being locked in a shed all night…

Old and New Memories…date night

Well, the last few days have been kind of crazy; however, Thursday was a date night as we remembered some old and new stuff…

On Thursday, we headed into Spokane for a Steven Curtis Chapman, Laura Story, and Jason Gray concert at a local church.  We were able to get a great deal on the tickets – 2 for 1 – so off we went for a date night.  First, was dinner at a local seafood restaurant where we dined on a delicious meal of lobster and other goodies…

After a delicious meal, we headed up to the church and discovered that there are traffic jams in Spokane as people headed home or even fellow travelers as they headed to the concert.

The concert was amazing as all three artists sang by themselves or joined each other in song and chorus.  Steven Curtis Chapman sang many of his old and new songs as he introduced us to his latest album.  There were songs like the Cinderella song – reminding us to slow down and enjoy life especially with our children – and I Will Be Here – a song that Dene sang for me at our wedding.  his voice cracked and was wobbly at times; however, the song brought tears to our eyes.  At the concert, we cuddled with each other and listened to these oldies and newbies with people who were about the same age and probably they too remember the songs.

Later, we drove home in the dark and realized – what an amazing night!  After listening to his music for over 20 years, I finally got to hear SCC in concert for the first time.  This was my husband’s 2nd time – he heard him in concert when he first came out – so both old and new memories were established today.

The other two artists were a great blend as the audience joined in worship and awe of two “new” voices mixed in with the old.  Jason Gray is one artist that I’ve been listening to for about a year with songs about loving as if today was our last day and being reminded of who we are in Christ.  His songs were about how God uses people with weaknesses for His glory as we learned that his man with a great singing talent has a weakness.

Laura Story was another great artist as she too has struggled and we learned that she wrote a great song called Indescribable – which is often sang by Chris Tomlin – and she led the audience in worship with the song.   A song about how God is amazing and how He placed the stars in sky as He created earth.  A new song was introduced about life’s challenges and how we serve an amazing God who puts the pieces of the story together and is there for each of us as we go through life’s storms.

Yes, in conclusion, Thursday night was a night of new and old memories as we listened to talented artists and created a memory in our mind of this date night.  Old memories of wedding songs, when we first listened to SCC and the other artists, and remembering the “old” songs of SCC as he played them.   New memories were hearing new songs by SCC as well as remembering this night as we had our first real date in a new town.

Have you taken the time to go on a date night with your loved one lately?  If so, what old memories came to your mind?  Or did you create new memories?  Please feel free to comment.

Has a cow ever jumped over the moon?

Probably not….

Tonight my husband and I went in search of a great view of the super moon.  We found a great spot to capture the view; however, we were a bit disappointed because clouds overwhelmed the moon just as it started to rise.

Many times life throws disappointments at us and we are unsure how to handle it.  Do we laugh?  Do we cry?  Do we get upset?

How did we handle this disappointment?  We decided to enjoy the time as husband and wife while we made a stop at the local Dairy Queen.  Perhaps the moon will be out by the time we are done; however, it was not to be seen through the clouds except for one curvy section peeking out through a thick cloud.

That one glimpse reminded me that even if things seem disappointing at times, there is hope that God is alongside each of us and we can put our trust in Him as He continues to amaze us with his creation even with something as like a super moon.

Finally, as we left the roadside park and headed home, we reminded ourselves that once we are living in the desert, perhaps we will be able to see the next super moon.  Or, we will have other glimpses of God’s creation while living near a desert that is filled with awe and wonder.