Ahhhh…the joys of homeownership…

I’m back…it’s been a couple of weeks of ups and downs with final move and adjusting to life with a trailer plus waiting for internet access (which I almost didn’t get but I have it now)…anyway, I guess it’s called welcome to home ownership…


First, the move went smoothly…some great guys from my church (the same one a second time) plus my parents helped load up the heavy furniture and off to storage we went…though I did trail dirty plant water all over the carpet (though was warned) but at least it didn’t rain.  And, it looks like that house is finally selling just in the nick of time (though, I did pray for a buyer a few weeks so guess the prayer worked)…


Second, came moving the cat down to the trailer…yeah, she was shocked at another move especially when the crate kept tipping over with stuff all around her during the more than one-hour trip.  Poor baby…but she’s settling in and enjoys the trailer.  Just need to keep her in due to coyotes and wildlife around the area.  Though she gets excited about the birds, cats, and other wildlife but hiding when things get a bit scary.  Sadly, our neighborhood kitty has disappeared but there are other cats around…


Third…then there were not one but TWO key incidents…the first incident involved coming home after shipping and cleaning up the house…I put my load in the trailer amidst all the boxes, etc.  Then I took the garbage before leaving for an errand…wait!  Where are my keys?  After searching the trailer, van, and even the ground I could not find them…but could they be in the dumpster?  So after not one dive but three dives into the dumpster…I found them buried under stuff…


Then the next incident…I needed to dump the tanks so excited, I found out how to do them and stepped out of my trailer, closing the door to keep kitty in.  While I draining, I discovered I locked all keys inside with kitty howling at me…yes, I met the local locksmith but I do not step out of trailer without at least one set of keys…and, while waiting for the locksmith, I managed to dump wastewater on myself…gross…then I went to the church where other people were losing keys…aye…aye…but God was there to help each of us…


Anyway, through a bunch of small incidents…I now I have internet and even satellite tv…my outdoor stove isn’t working…and then I blew the main breaker while cooking dinner…yes, I’ve almost been ready to give up trailer living until I realize that each time, I called out to God and my daddy, who helped me through each incident…so don’t give up even if life gets a little tough.


It has also helped me be more appreciative of people like my dad, my father-in-law, and even others who have helped me with minor repairs over the years…oh, please learn to handle small repairs on your own before an emergency happens…like now, I need to find out why propane is not going to outdoor stove…


So who do you appreciate?  Whoever it is, tell them thanks because after all:

1 Thess 5:18 ‘In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


So stay tunedmy dad is on vacation and I must rely on myself to figure things out…but I did drain the tanks and checked the propane on my own while tending to my little garden…and even setting up my patio area and stocking the kitchen…because, despite the funny things that happen, me and kitty are content living in this little trailer as God continues to bless and take care of us.  And, even with these incidents, its nice to sit on my front step after a long day to enjoy my new life as a homeowner…

Making a Difference…bit by bit

Do you ever go through your day and wonder if you are making a difference to someone, anyone or anything?  I’ve often wondered that because I’m not a big time minister yet even though I’ve been told I’d reach quite a few people…even though I’m an introvert.  Yet I know if God has plans to use me this way, then I’ll let Him work through me.

Even though I know God will use me, I had an interesting discovery this week and realized I am making a difference in someone’s life especially after writing a crazy paper about the horrors of what other people do to each other around the world…all I can say is that we need to kinder.

Anyway, we have been sponsoring a child for almost 2 years from India who was 7 at the time.  This started around Christmas as I was shopping for presents for my cat and realized we spend so much on our pets but there are kids who need our help (for animal lovers – its okay to spoil your pets).  Shortly after this thought, I was presented an opportunity to sponsor the girl and finally responded to a call I’ve heard for a long time – to sponsor!

Though money has been tight at times, God has always provided the funds for this monthly contribution.

Yet, over the years, I’ve wondered if we are making a difference or should we pull our sponsorship and find another org?  But then, I think, if I was the girl’s mother, I would want someone to keep helping her even if it’s just a small contribution.

Then, we received a progress report this week and I wept as I realized we are making a difference to at least one person as she wrote that she wanted to be a doctor and she enjoyed the classes that the org provided for her through our donation.

So, make a difference in someone’s life rather it be a sponsorship, helping the elderly neighbor with a chore, or some other small thing that won’t get you applause but will make a difference to just one person.  And, even though people on earth may not notice, God does.  And, remember, its not about just works its also about faith in Jesus.


1) So where can you make a difference?

2) Do you often wonder if you are making a difference?  If you do know, well smile and get teary eyed.  And, even if you don’t know you are making a difference, God knows.

Stepping out in Faith

When we lived in a house on the top of a hill, we would let our cat roam the neighborhood.  After we moved to our last apartment, we were to high up and on a dangerous street to allow her to roam the neighborhood.  Now, we are in a semi quiet neighborhood and we have kept her inside as she adjusts to a new home.  Two days ago, we let her step out onto the balcony and sniff her little nose around until she jumped down and snuggled under one of the bushes, unsure if she should venture further.  After a few moments, time spent fretting about her safety or wandering away too far from home, I called her back in and in she came.

Yesterday, we let her out again and off the balcony she went and under the trees to explore the outdoors some more.  After a few more moments, in she came after I called her and then she turned around and wanted back out.  Again, off she went to explore.  Every few moments, I called her back in and finally, she came back in after patiently waiting at the back door for one of to open it for her.  Since then, she has had no desire to stay in.  I think she prefers sticking close to home now that is warm, dry, and cozy for her.

This cat can be quite fearless at times and yet other times she can be a bit of a skittish fraidy cat…like us humans.  We want to be brave and step out in faith, yet we are afraid and want to stay in the comfort of our homes or other comfortable setting.

This move to Medical Lake was a step in faith yet we still have fears as we wonder if we will make it.  Part of me – the human in me – wants to run back “home” and into the comfort of familiar territory yet the part that has faith in God wants to stay and trust in Him to provide and open the doors for ministry, a new job/source of income, and even our health.

After all, according to Hebrews 11: 1 (KJV) “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Yes, as we venture out on our own, we need to have faith and hope that God will provide and see us through.  There has been evidence of little things He has provided like winning a contest for a book about writing – I want to write a commentary about Paul -and a 6 month subscription to an Assembly of God magazine called the Pentecostal Evangel – wow!

Even now, in conclusion, I am about to make a great leap, another change, and it will be announced as soon as I get an answer.  This is taking a leap of faith and yet it is an answer to prayers that I contemplated as I took a break from school and explored this new land.

So, what is holding you back from taking a step of faith?  Maybe we just need to take that leap of faith just like our cat did.

Home Sweet Home

Hello, everyone!

An update on our journey.   Well, we went over to the Spokane/Medical Lake last week and viewed three properties. 

The first was a modern day apartment that was bigger than our current apartment but was not very handicap friendly so we had to pass.

The second was a much older charming home; however, we had to walk away before we  even stepped inside.  The steps were too narrow and too high for Dene.  Don’t think I want to lug a wheelchair up those steps.

Finally, we stopped at a middle in the age range apartment that is just about perfect.  It is big and we would be saving money.  The landlord is great and friendly.  We applied and we are just waiting for word that we get the place.  She just needs one more bit of information and we will be approved.  So thanking Jesus that we get in.

This apartment is in Medical Lake, WA, and ironically I had a run in with the police years ago.  I was driving through town and had a tailgater.  Thinking I was going to slow, I sped up a little and next thing I knew, lights were flashing as I was pulled over for speeding.  Ugh!  I paid the ticket after contesting it and went on with life.  I just laugh it off and will never even go one mile over in that little town.

Now, we are interested in that little town after all these years.  It was peaceful and quiet.  On our last day there, we took some donuts and had breakfast on the beach.  It was hard to leave; however, duties back here called us away. 

We head back this week to explore and get to know the area that we hope to call home sweet home in just little over two weeks. 

We are praying that the right doors will open up for this apartment, a new job for me, and even the right caretaker for Dene. 

 We are  hoping to find the right church and if not, we can always plant one as God opens doors and provides. 

Finally, it was a great trip and we look forward to moving in a couple of weeks.

So, does anyone know of any good churches in the Spokane area?