Celebrating an Old and New Birth

Yesterday, I experienced one of many firsts without my husband…though they have been tough, I manage to get through each one from our anniversary, holidays, and other milestones.  Yesterday was no different since it would’ve been his 53rd birthday…though we miss him dearly, he probably celebrated with Jesus or other family members who have passed.


To celebrate this day, I went to the dealer to inspect the trailer with my parents.  Not only did I inspect the trailer I am now calling Mercy, I was given a quick guide on how to handle the many hoses, gadgets, and other bells and whistles that come with the trailer.


The appointment started with anxiety when I showed up and they weren’t ready…I just wanted to see Mercy and touch her again…after all, it’s been two weeks since I bought her.  Oh, Mercy is a name I gave her since my van’s name is Gracie…me and my husband tended to name our vehicles.  Well, anyway, after a several minute wait, I looked out in the parking lot and there she is…clean from a “bath” and ready for inspection…it was like welcoming a new member of the family.


Unfortunately, within an hour, my head was overwhelmed with learning how to hook up hoses and cords…and so on.  How to turn on each function…rather to use propane or electricity…battery power or electricity and so on…then learning the difference between black water versus gray water and types of hoses to use…and so on…


Excitingly, she comes with a ton of bells and whistles that include an outdoor kitchen and speaker system…an amazing entertainment center plus other cool features like the awning and tons of storage.


Of course the downfall is deciding what to keep in the trailer, store, or bless other people with…after all, I finally decided to be a girl and splurge on some cute shoes other than black flats…then there is my princess kitty who gives me looks as I pack AGAIN…but I hope she enjoys the new home; though I’m sure she’ll be content as long as she can keep hogging the bed.


Well, anyway, it’s getting excited and tomorrow Mercy is delivered to my spot in a really tiny town with trees and fresh air.


As for my husband’s birthday, I plan to celebrate my first night in the trailer with his favorite treat of cherry pie and sparkling cider…though I have a feeling he is smiling so I raise my class to a classic husband and the new adventure I am about to embark on…


Anyway, are there some firsts you are about to celebrate with or without a loved one?  How are you handling them?



Birthday Wish_Our First Snowfall Here

Well, this last week, I celebrated another birthday (won’t tell you which one ) with one main wish – a white birthday.  I remember when I was five and we just moved to Prosser, WA during a snowstorm this time of the year so I’ve been wishing for one since.  I have had brief dustings over the years since I was five but nothing major so I wished very hard as I heard the forecast for the weekend…

Well, on Sunday, the day before my birthday, it lightly snowed and melted away.  A little disappointed and then on Tuesday, I woke up to everything covered in white.  It was the day after my birthday yet it felt as if it was a belated birthday present even if most of it was gone by noon.

Then, there was a test since we had to drive into Spokane during the storm to a doctor’s appointment.  I was worried about a major hill between our town and Spokane on the main freeway.  And, we do not have our snow tires on yet – which come on soon since we heard we could get a heavier than normal snowfall this year.  So, being brave and hoping for the best, we made our way into town with hardly any problems except a traffic jam as soon as we got off the freeway and then once we cleared that section, it was a smooth ride up to the doctor’s office except for the person walking down the middle of my lane!  Yikes!  Don’t people know that’s dangerous?  Yet, we made it to the doctor’s appointment and then had a smooth drive home afterwards with a few stops along the way.

Yes, I was disappointed when it melted yet I’m told it snows for Thanksgiving around here and then maybe for Christmas.  I’m hoping for both since I love snow!  I grew up in Eastern/Central Washington so I cherish the moments in snow.  At one point, I was a newspaper carrier and remember trampling through snow/forests on the way to customers and relishing the peaceful quietness of those moments before returning to the chaos of home with several siblings.  Or, trying to be brave as I tried to walk across the ice covering my grandparents’ lake…oh please, do not crack under my feet!  One year, it did with my poor brother who has survived many mishaps and is now the father of three lively boys!

Finally, snow reminds me of what Jesus did for us when He died on the cross.  He washed our sins away and made as white as snow when we accepted Him as our personal Savior according to the following verses:

Isaiah 1:18
“Come now, and let   us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they   shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

Psalm 51:7
Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Though the earthly snow melts away, Jesus will continuously wash us clean from our sins like the snow that covered the land…


What does snow remind  you of?  Do you like it or are you one of those people who prefer no snow?