Old and New Seasons

Well, today is the last day of summer and tomorrow we quietly slide into fall.  For a while, I’ve noticed the change in weather even though today, the last day of summer, was a day in the low 80s as I chilled, relaxed and watched fave shows on Netflix while enjoying a nice lasagna soup with cornbread and checking SEA-Bronco Games scores (go ‘Hawks!  Sorry, I do live near Seattle and I have had connections to the Seahawks over the  years!)   Yet even as we celebrate with a ‘Hawks victory and the last day of summer, the season continues to change to autumn.

With the change of seasons, the change in weather is noticeable especially at night with a bit of chill in the air though we have yet to turn on the heaters…probably soon since we wake up to a chill in the apartment.  No fun when taking morning showers!

With the change of seasons, things will get hectic over the next few months with holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving before sliding into winter and its holidays like Christmas (yes, I’m already planning for this holiday but I will enjoy the first two before celebrating Christmas).

With the change of seasons, life has been crazy around here with my class on Prophets, which will end soon and I start up a new one on World Religions.  Wow!  Time goes by quickly when having fun in a great class!

With the change of seasons, life is getting crazier as we prepare for more tests and another procedure with my husband.  Even I am dealing with a few health issues; yet I know God is in control.  And, He has our life and our health in His hands.

Finally, with the change of seasons, I must realize the following according to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (NIV)  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:

     a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
  a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
 time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
 a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace


1) With the change of seasons, are there any changes that you are going through?

2) Are you at peace with the changes?  Or do you sense turmoil?  Or something else?

3) Have you taken the turmoil or something else to God in prayer?

Adoption Anniversary…A Cat’s Journey

Well, in just little over a week, we will be celebrating our cat’s 4th anniversary since she came to live with us…

Her journey from the start has been interesting since we adopted her from a pet fair at a local pet store.  We already had one cat but felt she needed a companion so we made the decision to adopt.  She was a scrawny thing at that time, facing away from people, and already rejected by one potential family.  Yet, my husband wanted her even after she swiped at him with a claw.  I told him maybe we shouldn’t adopt her because he does not need a scratch from a cat.

He insisted so adopt her we did.

We took her home where our one cat became pissed even after we took our new baby into the spare bathroom.  Frightened, we left her alone until the next morning when I went in to check her.  She was scared and wanted nothing to do with us yet I sat with her for a bit and comforted her.  She cuddled with me for a few moments before backing away.

After a couple of days, I let her out and she went wild so I told my husband that maybe we should give her back.  He decided to call about her history and discovered that she was the runt, lived with an older person, and had gotten pregnant at a young age and then lost that batch.  The foster parent told us that once you got to know her, she was quite loveable so we decided to keep her and give her a chance.

Well, that chance became a challenge as I was determined to change her into a sweet cat.  It has been tough and it has taken a long time to tame her especially when she spent most of three years outside.  Even then it was a journey as she brought in everything from dead snakes, live baby bunnies, and even a rat into the house and let it loose!  Yes, many near heart attacks but I survived…

Then, unfortunately, due to issues with my husband and his health, we had to give up our older cat.  Later, we realized we should have tried other methods to prevent this cat from attacking my husband’s medical equipment, which was causing infections.

Then, our girl started to calm down as she was finally able to sleep with us and started bonding with us more.  More bonding came as we moved to an apartment and she was not able to got out.

Yet, since our move to our new town, she has become even more calm and the bonding continues to the point that she is finally warming up to even strangers and finally doing some serious cuddling.  We’ll just see how she does after we take her to a new vet this week…sigh…

Throughout this journey, she has taught us the following:

  1. That no matter what, it’s important to give not only animals a chance but humans as well.  Being patient and loving will lead to bonding and trust, which needs to be earned even with humans.
  2. Forgiveness – she has forgiven us for a lot of unintentional boo boos like me kicking her at night in my sleep, taking her to the vet for shots, leaving her alone for 2 weeks (with a cat sitter coming in to visit), and even the long trip to a new home.  Thus, we need to learn to forgive each other no matter what happens.
  3. Even cats can be service animal especially with our cat who has alerted us when hubby is low on blood sugar or even having a stroke…so listen to them when they try to tell you something.
  4. Oh, she loves company sine we always have a cats coming up to our porch and hanging out…
  5. She loves to listen when I read the Bible with her as the audience…her big eyes watch and she acts content…so read the bible aloud to your animal…

So, yeah, if you can, let your animals teach you something…after all, God made them to be companions and even possibly teach us a thing or two.

What have you learned from your pet throughout your journey?


Snow and the Lessons Learned

Well, it’s hard to believe that we have been here in our new town for almost six months…time flies when you are having fun.  Yet, even as we prepare to celebrate this milestone, we are currently experiencing our first real winter here.

When winter first started here, the weather was milder than it usually is as the weather forecasters tell us that we have less than the usual amount of snow.  Many people want to gripe because they do not want snow – it’s messy, slippery, and it gets old.  To us, it’s not old since we came from a climate that had probably an average of a few days to a weeks’ worth of snow every winter.  And, when it did snow, it quickly melted.

Growing up, I lived mostly in eastern Washington and enjoyed long days of snow every winter – some winters it might have been a few inches while other winters was more quite a bit more.  I spent one winter as a newspaper carrier and would traipse through the woods and let my imagination run while…those were good memories and times to reflect on life.

Now, living in Eastern Washington again, we are experiencing SNOW especially after experiencing a freezing fog that lasted at least 2 weeks so no sun and lots of hoarfrost – very beautiful.  Now, we have snow for over a week and more is accumulating every other day so now we have had some interesting experiences with snow…

Dirty Vehicle – I mean, I just washed my car and its already covered in junk again…even the inside is getting muddy from wet shoes and wheelchairs.  We had a scare last week while on the freeway and the windshield got covered in gunk.  In the process of trying to clean it off for a clear view, I managed to make it worse and experienced a iced over window as we passed a truck!  Scary!  Fortunately after praying and doing some quick clean with wipers while blasting defroster, I had my vision back!  Whew!  Now our windshield washer stuff is frozen and we can’t use it while I still have a somewhat dirty windshield…sigh…now I need to learn how to get the stuff deiced…car shop here I come!

  • Lesson – we need to do maintenance stuff with our life like read God’s word and pray to have a clear vision on where He is taking us…

Cold and cold and cold…my poor fingers are not liking the cold if I’m out too long and our home became drafty from the cold.  After all, how many times does a person experience subzero temps with wind chills that make things even colder?  Now, we have blankets over our windows to keep out the draft and I’m learning to heat up car before going anywhere and don’t bother going anywhere if it’s just to something close by like the post office.  Do several errands at the same time.  As soon as we get some extra $$$, we plan to buy some more winter gear to endure this rest of this winter and be prepared for next winter.

  • Lesson – life has its challenges and many times we need to be prepared for these challenges.  We also need to learn how to deal with life’s challenges as we discover new ways to work around and become stronger.  After all, what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.

Wheelchairs do not like snow…yes, we’ve gotten stuck in the snow yet we push through and eventually get where we need to go.

  • Lesson – no matter how tough or how  you get stuck in life, keep pushing through with prayer and determination…you will get your breakthrough.

Mud in the apartment – carpets and floor…yes, we are experiencing melting snow and mud throughout the apartment.  Yet we are grateful for our COPES people who patiently clean it up and having a warm house during this cold weather.  Even our cat is grateful as a visitor – another cat – spends the night on our porch, curled up on our chair.

  • Lesson – be grateful for what you have and don’t complain about the minor stuff.  Life is too short for that…and, make sure your animals are inside your warm home.

Slippery roads – yes, learning to drive in a dryer but colder snow has been fun.  Though I respect the conditions and have been proud of myself as I manage to get out of these situations.

  • Lesson – speed is not the answer.  Going slow and easy in these conditions will help with situations that require control of the vehicle and we all get there in one piece.  And, I’m grateful for snow tires that I finally get to really use…

Yet, in conclusion, even with its ups and downs there have been fun adventures like sneaking out last weekend to explore mother nature and take pictures of its beauty…or coming out of a grocery store to see a wall of police officers as they arrest a man who led them on a really long police chase.  Though I had to go around them to get to my vehicle, I am grateful for those who are outside and protecting us from harm.

  • Final Lesson – always listen to that small voice – it may have good advice.  If I had parked where I wanted to originally but decided to park elsewhere, I would  have been crunched or blocked in with groceries…

So, what lessons have you learned from the cold and snow of winter?  Any tips that you can give a person who is not used to these types of winters?

No Longer a Victim but Victorious in Christ

Well, tonight, my favorite football team of all time- the Seattle Seahawks won!!!  Afterwards, the MVP Russell Wilson gave God glory for the victory…yep the seahawks overcame much to become the victor and the MVP managed to give God the victory.

You see, I overcame much in my life and I give God the glory for no longer allowing me to be a victim but a person victorious in Him…

After my divorce, I remember going home and sobbing my heart out and praying to Him after hearing a song “God is an Awesome God…I fell asleep and woke up knowing that God was in charge and that even if things did not go my way, He would still be there for me.  And, I need to returned to Him who I turned my back on while married to my ex as I was going down a dark path…possibly even death yet I was able to turn back…as God pulled me away from being a victim of abuse and a nasty divorce even as I lost my son during the custody hearing because of many factors which I will not discuss since it’s between God and my ex husband…God will be the final judge in this situation.

Even though it would take a bit more time, I finally began to return to Him as I involved myself at a local church, went to a counselor and developed some wonderful friendships at church and even work.   I’m still friends with many of these people today and have enjoyed their friendship and mentorship over the years.  Life would include being active in singles ministry, greeting, serving at banquets and other fun group events and surrendering myself to Jesus as I became not a victim but victorious in Jesus Christ.  We continue to give Him glory as we plan our next journey of ministering to people and hopefully speaking eventually of what God has done for us because we are victorious in Him.

Then I felt the desire to go back to school so I enrolled at Northwest and began my educational journey which has just one more year to complete as I currently pursue my master in ministry, which I plan to use my degree to help other victims.

Yet, even before I started that journey, I was a bit fearful and wondered if I could handle school and if God would provide for me to head back…so He played a practical joke on me by sending me on what I thought was a simple hike…not!  I won a contest to go rock climbing!  Me – rock climb?  I don’t like heights – after all I had a traumatic fall when I was a child…yet God would not let me remain a victim as I overcame my heights by literally walking off a really high cliff and going down with a thin rope and trusting someone to keep rope from sliding off cliff…that’s what God expects of us.  Life will get dangerous at times and bumpy yet as we face our fears, we must trust Him and let go of our victim mentality and become victorious in Him.

Then, I fell in love with a great man who taught me about faith as he faces his own medical crisis…we married over a year later and I moved to a new town and new home and new church.  It was hard to find a new church and get settled in as I met new people.  Yet even then God would not let me become a victim.

Now, my great husband and I live in an even newer town and we are meeting new people…the land around us is covered in a layer of snow and it’s, well, just beautiful…we may not fully understand why God brought us here.  Life has been a struggle since we moved here yet we are continuing to persevere and not being a victim of our circumstances.

After all Psalms 20:6 (NIV) reads:

Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.

and Psalms 45: 4 reads:

In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.

So, are you still a victim of your circumstance’s or have you become victorious?  If you are still a victim, and even not, I’m praying for you…

My Testimony…Ashes to Beauty – The Middle Years

Well, after graduation, there were years of tears from joy and sadness…

I graduated from high school, moved to  yet another town, and worked at the training camp of a football team that is headed to the Super Bowl this weekend.  That was a grand summer spent with one QB offering to take garbage out for me, a coach teasingly proposing to me, and other fond stories.  I would go back the following summer and od the same thing – washing dishes where I received an autograph pic from a team member, more flirting and friendship with a trainer.  In between, I worked at a college washing dishes and getting to know some great people while earning money to go to school…

I did go to a vocational school, graduated, and went on to work at a large company after I had a manager take an interest in me as I temped in her department.  I would spend many years at this company before being replaced by a computer after I worked on a successful project.

During this time, I was involved with a local church by first being part of a youth group, getting baptized in water and the Holy Spirit, and then becoming involved in a singles’ group and choir.  Met some great people and went on some amazing adventures including trips to Disneyland, Colorado, and my favorite – a missions trip to Portland.  there I really felt the calling to serve the community yet that calling would be derailed when I met what I thought was a nice person at the time…

I would marry this person six months later after he proposed to me several times over the first few weeks of meeting him.  He was a player and I was used.  The joy was giving birth to a son yet I there was emotional and spiritual abuse throughout this marriage.  I even almost died by trying to end my life and yet that was not the most painful event of my life.

After wrecking my credit, leaving me an emotional wreck and being unfaithful, my ex husband finally left me.  then the pain came when I lost my son in the custody battle…yet it was also the beginning of a new life.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss my son after all these years and wish to have him in my life…well, more details in my next posting.

Yet, during that time, I lost my long time job too so I decided to explore my state and I did…my favorite spot was Mount St Helens (a local somewhat active volcano) where I discovered a world of barren rock, ash, trees and yet this bareness was mixed with flowers and other vegetation.  I would discover that the mountain allowed scientists to discover how a volcano can recover after a destructive eruption…something I was part of as a young kid when the ashes came to my town and covered us for a few days.

However, over 20 years later, I stood on that mountain and was reminded that no matter how destructive life gets, God will help us through the process of recovery and restore life to us and turn our ashes into beauty.  Yeah, there will be scars and some pain along the way especially since the mountain woke up again a few years ago but God is still there with us.  He is still working in our lives like He is still working to re-create the mountain.  My vision in life – and ministry – is to eventually help other people over come devastation in their lives and recover from the pain…

You see, after I picked up the pieces from the divorce and loss of my child, I focused on God and began to rebuild my life with many friends, involvement at a local church, hearing that calling at the same church that sponsored that mission trip so many years ago in Portland…then I started back to school to earn my bachelor’s degree in ministry and found a new life with a husband, which I will discuss more in my next posting.

In the meantime, think about what has been devastating in your own life…is it a painful divorce?  Abuse from spouse or even other people?  Death?  Or, what?  Well, I’m here to pray for you and pray that God is there to turn  your ashes into beauty…blessings to all of you.

My testimony…early years

So, you’re probably wondering who is this person who puts out these blogs and how have I learned to be full of peace, for the most part…did I live a good life?  Has it always been so grand for me?

No, it has not so I thought I would share my testimony with y’all and let you know about me and how God has brought me out of some dark spots, which I have hinted at throughout my blogs.  this testimony will be part of a series for the next week or so as I discuss who I am, the good times, and even some of the trials that I have experienced in over forty years of living.

First, I come from a family of five children and a mom and a dad who will be celebrating 49 years of marriage this summer after meeting at a bible college up north.  There are numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and a host of other relatives too numerous to count.  My ancestry goes back quite a ways – all the way to Sir William Isaac Wallace…possibly further…on my mom’s side – plus other interesting ancestors on both sides of the family.  Yet we seem to be unique and quite the adventuresome and creative type of people who love each other…

Yet, even with the love, there were the scars…

The first scar happened when I was about 2 years old and decided to climb on a table when my mom was not looking and then I fell, with a glass in my hand, and a cut on my cheek that is still somewhat visible today.  Though I do not remember the fall, I would remain afraid of heights for most of my life.  I put my guardian angels to work that day since it just barely missed my eye and I was not more seriously hurt.

More scars would occur throughout my growing up years that include abuse by neighbors and family…a sister who strayed from home…death of relatives…an attack that left me afraid to walk alone at night for most of my life…yet as I walked through each dark place, God was there alongside me, guiding, leading, comforting, and protecting.

Yet even in these dark days of my youth, God was still there, walking alongside me as  I became involved in various activities like drama, choir, Foreign Language club, FBLA, WA State Patrol Explorers, and other activities including the only female in a space club!  I was even involved with a bible study at school and have many exciting adventures along the way like an expo, an FBLA convention, youth conventions and camps…yet as I walked through each of these, God was still there.  Encouraging me as I focused on community, school, and friends.  My hobbies were writing, drawing, imagination, singing, exploring, and being silly.

Then there were my friends…my first boyfriend in fifth grade who I discovered is on Facebook after almost 30 years of no contact yet I held on to the letters that he gave me.  There were the two girls – Sara and Tina – who I have lost track of and would love to find.  We were the misfits – the unpopular kids – yet we bonded through being creative and acting like teen girls – pictures and stories are the only mementos I have of these two girls .  Finally, there was the friend from Norway, a pen pal, who I lost track of until Facebook brought us together again.  My favorite mementos of her are the postcards from all over Europe and a Christmas ornament that I hang on my tree every year.  Someday, I will have to visit Norway – the land of my dad’s people and the home of such a good friend.

Then the times spent at my grandparents’ place in Eastern Washington – an orchard and a single wide mobile home and tons of fun in the orchard and their lake.  Cousins from afar came every summer and we teased each other, went skinny dipping, and even cried together at times.  My favorite memory – walking around the lake with my grandpa and just hanging with him…those were the good times and now the place is a distant memory as the county turns it into a refuge for wildlife…so fitting since it was a refuge for me to get away from the dark times at home.  Yet, these dark times and the memories at my grandparents’ place have given me a dream to someday open up a similar refuge for those wounded by life.

Finally, I grew up with animals.  My mom says I had a cat when I was a baby and over the years I would grow to love cats.  Along the way, I would have chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and other animals as I bonded with them including a chicken named Cinnamon who let me hold her or the rooster that became dinner after he attacked a few of us kids.  Yes, many of our animals became dinner and I had to help pluck them…such a great childhood.  Of course, there was the time my sister and I chased the chickens and other animals around with a hose…boy oh boy…did we get in trouble…yet it was all fun.

So, what memories do you have your childhood?  Are they good or bad?  Perhaps do a timeline to see what you have experienced in your life…you may be surprised with what you find.

The Sun Still Shines and Kickin’ the Devil’s Butt

Years ago, I do not remember exactly what I was doing but I do remember walking out of my home after a dark storm and seeing a rainbow high above in the sky.

Then I was given the following word or thought:

The thunder rolled

Fear came over me

Reminding me that you were

Kickin’ the devil’s butt

Then, all will be at peace

As a rainbow appears

Reminding us of the victory

Even now, we are facing a dark fear as our savings have dwindled, credit cards are maxed (that we can’t pay now) and the dark clouds called worry about finances loom over our head.  Yet, we know God is the victor and He will work this out especially since we want to save our credit to do things for His glory.

Often, we all go through dark periods in our life.  We may wonder if there is hope or if we will be able to come out of the darkness.  Yet even as the darkness is overwhelming, we must also remember that God is in the midst of the dark storm as we are reminded that even as we living under the clouds of adversity, the Son is still shining (I read this somewhere a long time ago but I don’t have the reference).

Even now, we are facing other situations that make our future look cloudy yet even as we face this darkness, we must endure and remember that God is walking beside us and helping us through these dark clouds.  That we must keep believing in Him and know that He is our provide and our victor.

After all, Psalms 20 (NIV) reads:

May the Lord answer you when you are in distress;   may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.  May he send you help from the sanctuary  and grant you support from Zion.  May he remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings.[ May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.  May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God.

May the Lord grant all your requests.

Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm. Lord, give victory to the king!     Answer us when we call!

I know you’re probably asking – should we as God’s children be free from pain and darkness?  No, it rains on the just and the unjust.  Yet, even as we face these moments of an unsure future, I am glad I have Him at my side and kicking some devil butt and He will be the victor as He gives us peace, victory, and hope in troubling and uncertain times.

So what are you going through that seems dark and hopeless?  Are you scared about the future?  Whatever it is, I’m praying for you that you are able to seek God’s peace and put your trust in Him as He walks alongside you.

New Concepts…New Help

Well, the journey with my  husband’s health  has taken on a new twist…an exciting twist, that is.

Because we are so far away from family to help, we have had to sign up for COPES…which is long term health care services for people who need it.  Along with COPES, we have had therapists and other medical staff in and out.  Some have been great help while others have been mediocre. We had to release one already for overstepping some boundaries and in the midst of the overstep, she neglected my husband.

Yet, even with the ups and downs, we have learned the following:

1)  I’ve had to release pride and allow them to help since I can use the time to work on school, job hunt, and other household stuff that they are not allowed to handle.

2) That outside help people are humans and I do not need to judge them because of the work they do.  One guy – who has been with us since the beginning -has been great.  He treats my husband with respect and is kind to him as he takes care of the most mundane things for my husband.  Even my cat – the man hater – is warming up to him!  Of course, he has his own cats so he knows how to treat them.

3) That is great to have someone help clean the house and other household chores.  It’s great not to worry about my back as I dumped heavy garbage into the dumpster.  He can even help clean and organize the boxes/furniture in my husband’s room.  What great help!

4) That sometimes you need to speak up because people like the therapists think they know more than you do about your loved one.  Yeah, I know they know more about therapy than I do but I also know how my husband handles things and what his habits and routines are.

5) That my husband is amazingly smart!  He has been training on an electric wheelchair to see if he qualifies – well he passed that test and now once we get through the paperwork, hopefully he will have one by spring.  They want to create a video so he can help other blind people use one – they were amazed that a blind man can use one!

6) That God uses people like medical staff, caregivers, and therapists to be humble and to show you what true compassion is.  That no matter how dirty something is that being a servant is worth being and that you need to be a servant back to these people because they are taking care of your loved one.  Plus hubby is being a witness to the original one and we are praying that his heart softens and we can win him to God’s kingdom.

So, yeah, in conclusion, it’s been great having the help and I wish we could treat them like good friends and family yet we must keep boundaries as we treat them with respect, compassion, and humbleness.   Now, I can leave for short periods of time or even during the day when God blesses me with a job and not worry about hubby…so yes, God is good and so is people to help out around the house though I do have to be careful that I do not become to complacent so I’m fortunate to still be able to do something on the weekends or days when we do not have help.

What have you learned if  you ever had a caregiver or other medical staff in your home?

New School, New Class…and Old Experiences

Well, I started back to school today at a new school and a new class, which is about the essentials needed for ministry.

The essentials include hearing your call and discovering your gifts, values, past experiences while seeking God’s purpose and vision for your life.  Then, we will move onto learning how to perform weddings, funerals, worship services, and other duties of a minister along with administrative stuff and issues within a ministry.  Sounds like an exciting class and I can’t wait to learn more about the essentials of ministry.  After all, I do want to eventually marry people, perform weddings, and other events.

Yet, what has been my most exciting part of this is learning about my past experiences – both the good and the pad.  Using a tool on http://www.chazown.com , I created a timeline of my life from the moment of birth to present time.  The timeline has included good people who have encouraged me like friends, family, colleagues, and even mentors.  Even the bad people are listed like the neighbor who took advantage of me or the ex husband who left me wounded and scarred.  There are the good stuff about my life like being actively involved with school, church, work, and friends while also listing bad stuff like divorce, losing my son, and even abuse.  Yet, as I did this, I wondered, what did I learn from this timeline?

Well, I learned that I can endure quite a bit and that God has given me the strength to get through the rough patches of life.  The good stuff shows that I’ve had supported people along the way like my husband, my in-laws, great friends and church people, and even pets that have cheered me along.  Above all, I have had God there with me as I endured the bad and celebrated the good.  How did this happen?  Through a desire to know and praise Him as He gives me the strength to endure.

After all, Colossians 1:9-14 (NIV) reads:

For this reason, since the day we heard about you, we have not stopped praying for you. We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives,  so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

In conclusion, what does your past experiences tell you about you?  What have you endured and do you see a theme throughout your life’s journeys?

One Year Later…Many Changes

Well, it’s hard to believe that in just a couple hours the first day of a New Year will be ending…

Yet, even as this day winds down, this is a time to reflect and think about the past year – the ups and downs – and how you can improve yourself in the coming years as you reflect on changes.

There have been plenty of changes since this time last year…we were living in a big house in the area where we were most comfortable living.  Soon, we realized, that we had to move since we were living on one income and could no longer afford such a big home.  So we moved to a small apartment in the middle of a middle sized city.

Yet, we felt the urge to move even further away from home – after all, God does not want us to be too comfortable.  We had previously thought of Montana – but too cold (for hubby) and too far from home.  Then we wondered about Nevada yet it was too hot (for me) and even further from  home.  After prayer and urging from family, we decided to stay in Washington and so as you know, we moved to the Spokane area.  Still close to home, somewhat cold – especially now as I hope for a ton of snow – and not as hot as Nevada.

Furthermore, I was drifting – wondering what I should do with my life besides going to school, so after taking one class, I began to blog.  I love to write!  So this blogging allows me to write while staying focused on schoolwork.

Now, I have changed schools…yet even now, as I work on homework for the class that starts on Monday, my idea of who I am is changing as I did a study of my gifts.  Use to be administration, mercy, serve, and even creative writing.  Now it is an artisan (I love art and other artsy type people and their crafts), writing, music, prophecy and a missionary.  These last two are a surprise yet they are not since I love other cultures and I often see or hear things before they are spoken or occur – go ahead and call me weird on this!

In conclusion, now I must try and understand where and how God wants me to use these gifts especially since we are called to use our gifts for His purpose within a body of believers (1 Cor 12:1-11).  like more blogging – though I often try to find time to blog and want to quit at times – I feel called to continue blogging and thus I will continue.

Yet, even with the realization of these gifts, it will mean more changes as I reflect on my life and how I can improve my life for the better in order to seek God and build my relationship with Him, in order to love other people more, while desiring to serve Him, my husband, and others within the community.  After all, who knows what will have changed between now and this time next year…

So, what changes have happened in your life in this last year?  What changes do you want to see in the coming year?