The Praying Man

Dene with books and family

My husband Dene Cole’s website for speaking engagements is and Facebook page Praying Man

Dene would love to speak at your church or small group as a man who is literally blind; however, he has a vision that he wants to use to inspire others.

A man whom God has not given up on.

Ask him to come to your church, men’s breakfast, or other special event to give a talk on not giving up but moving forward and seeing God’s plans for your life.

D. Cole Productions is family-owned and operated right here in Marysville, WA. My mission is that above all, my belief is in Jesus the Christ and I follow His teachings and to get people to see God’s plans for their lives. I will do this through the stories of my life, both the humorous and the tough ones, that no matter what ails you; you can conquer it by becoming an asset instead of being a liability on society.

Dene has lived with diabetes for 45 of my 50 years when I developed Type 1 diabetes at the age of five.

This is his story:

In 1983, I lost my eyesight, which is a tough disability to live with. In 1988, I married to Nell Ann who also was blind from diabetes. In 1992, I had a stroke that effected my right side. I was told I would never walk again and yet eight months later, I was walking again. During this time, I worked for the WA State Ferries in their helpdesk center.

I am amazed at what you learn through medical problems in life, also whom you can count on during those trying times; however, I would lose my first wife Nell in 2002 due to diabetic complications.

In 2003, even though I had a heart attack, I believe that the good things of life seem to follow troubling times.

In 2007, I married Ann Marie. We started our married life with hope and excitement; however, in 2009, I lost both lower legs to diabetic complications.

I am still living this life and making the best of everything I put my mind to. In 2011, I published my first book “What Jesus Says to You.”

I am now embarking on a career in writing and speaking and partnering with my wife Ann on a lifelong dream, prayerfully a good and long venture. Life is only as good as you make it, many help from GOD and family.

Sadly, the Praying Man went to heaven on August 5, 2015…he is missed but he’s whole while dancing and singing with Jesus…RIP Dene Cole…greatly missed by all.


2 comments on “The Praying Man

  1. Dene you are a Praying Man – a Chosen Child of the most high God in Christ here on purpose for Jesus sake amen. We are so proud of you and love you more than words could ever express. Praying we can share your dreams and goals as a Family hand picked by the Lord God Himself. Jesus loves you, so do we – forever more – your Mom & Dad. Your witness to Who you are in Christ is a testimony to Who Christ is – Amazing Anointed Equipped Blessed.

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