Birth of a Simple Life

Today marks just a couple days before I inspect my trailer and then the dealership delivers it to the park…which is just about ten miles from my church.  I am excited about starting this new journey, which is happening the week of what would’ve been my husband’s 53rd birthday; however, I am also nervous about such a bold move while deciding what to keep or give.


So what is this move about?  Well, for a while, my husband and I considered living in an RV; however, it wouldn’t have worked with his health needs and a wheelchair so we gave up that idea.  Though for a while, I have been contemplating a simpler life…maybe its losing a spouse and realizing life is too short…that it deserves to be enjoyed so I have slowly even been cutting out tv and focusing on God…soaking up his presence.  With this move, I hope to enjoy move of his creation while returning to being creative through art and writing.  Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to travel to various camping sites and reach out to people or even just listen to them…similar to the dream of opening a coffee shop…


So what about the coffee shop dream?  Well, in my new little community, there is already a coffee shop like the dream…so, I hope to eventually at least have a small group there…just last week, I stopped for lunch and discovered amazing people and even delicious food…at the same time, the shop has a lending library, rooms for privacy, and even a separate area for fellowship so perhaps I can still keep some of that dream…


What is the community like?  Well, like me wanting to live a simple life, the people here are simple in their lifestyles and amazingly friendly.  Just getting the spot for the trailer required a hand shake…something you rarely see…Even the church is amazing.  One such lady is in her 90s, mows her own lawn, and takes care of her yard while managing a cat who doesn’t kill mice but is a great companion.  Then there is the lady who reads her Japanese bible…Oh, finally, the lady who cuts hair but is amazingly knowledgeable about the bible and has a great singing voice.


Finally, the whole area is not only a simple lifestyle but its amazingly beautiful…to get to church is like stepping into another world with amazing views of Mt St Helens, Rainier, or even Mount Adams…surrounded by more trees and mountains…plus the deer that wander across the road…yes, I almost hit one but fortunately stopped in time…oh, then there are several lakes in the area and even recreational opportunities like hiking, boating, and even fishing plus I heard there are bears and even cougars in the area…hmmmm….guess me and the princess cat will live a simple but alert life as we continue this journey together while inhaling the sweetness of fresh air, pine trees, and even cut grass and hay…oh, there’s also the livestock like watching a calf run across a field..  Or spotting horses playfully gallop across fields with their newborns…


So, are you being called to live a simple life?  It may not be as drastic as me living in a trailer in the country but take simple steps to live a simple life…like me, who has to decide what goes or stays…

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