Birthing a New Journey

Well, life is getting interesting again as I birth a new journey…I found an interesting home to be closer to my doctor and even my church in an area that is wonderfully beautiful….anyway, the home find started while lookin g at various homes around the area including buying a business; however, without a job, I wouldn’t be able to find a home. Even looked at rentals but they were gone as soon as they were advertised or wouldn’t accept pets…no way was I giving up the princess cat.

Then, I attended an RV show…well, after walking around for what seems like miles and climbing up and down several steps, I found my new home…its 32 feet long trailer with a lot of bells and whistles, which I’ll be living in…
Then, after many calls and miles driving around looking at places, I found a place to park it…a cute little trailer park surrounded by trees, mountains, neighbors, and even a golf course…plus this sweet kitty wanted to go home with me…
So tips for searching for a home or whatever else is needed (1) pray pray pray and (2) trust God…oh, I also listened for His voice as he reminded me of ideas my husband and I had including buying an RV and traveling the country.
What will I do while living in a trailer? Well, He also called me to live a simple life so, yes, me and the kitty will live a simple life while reaching out to people who living in trailer parks or camps. Learning their stories and even ministering to them.
Tips for buying a trailer and RV? Know what you want and wear comfortable shoes…also research. I was fortunate that I have researched RVs, etc. over the years and knew what to look for. I don’t know everything yet but I hope to learn as I go…I also have had a desire to live in a trailer, RV, or tiny house for a while…
What about you? What are you looking for in a home, job, or other area of your life? Well, I’ll be praying for you but keep praying and listening for God’s voice yourself…also trust Him. I have other areas of my life covered for now but still need a job so I’m trusting Him on that…

1 Thess 5:16-18 (NIV) Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

So yeah, I’ll continuously pray and give thanks for all He has done including providing this new home…
What are my next steps? Next, is packing and deciding what to sell or keep…its tough because I have many questions like what if I need such and such down the road, etc. After that, my trailer will be delivered next week so its setting up a new home that will be comfortable for me and kitty cat so stay tuned as I prepare for the transition.
Final note…I birthed this new journey across the freeway from where I was born and then, on the way to the dealer to sign paperwork, I drove past my original childhood neighborhood…so now I start this new journey while still trusting God on this new journey…so keep trusting God for your life’s journeys too…especially while birthing a new journey yourself.




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