Journey of a Waterfall

Hello my readers…hopefully I am back on a more continuous basis…the last several months since my husband passed have been like a waterfall cascading over a rock hard cliff…with planning the memorial service, my new life without him, and wondering why he was taken…even though he’s healed, I still miss him quite a bit…

Many changes include moving to a new town and county…I am now in Lewis County, SW Washington area and close to family and friends. I’ve graduated via a trip to Southern California and fun fun times at Disneyland. Even a new church…though now its a matter of finding the right now. There is one that I enjoy…my parents’ church…but its over an hours’ drive away…so trusting God to lead me to the right one.

Many emotions from anger that my husband was taken to even joy he’s healed…during the time he was leaving, people reported seeing a light above him…like an angel taking him home. Likewise, emotions have included laughter during times he paid a visit like the time I felt like he was playing a trick on me with his pictures by tipping over or turning on music…but the pain of missing him is very real.

Even the journey of finding a new home has been a rollercoaster with choosing a home that had problems and now the one I’m living in is on the market with several people looking at it; however, I know God has been in control and He is guiding me through the changes…both good and bad ones.

For now, I am using this time to seek Him and become stronger…I realized I was a mess of a Christian and, in order to serve Him, I need to become strong; however, my weaknesses can still be used as I continue to learn about them…like reaching out to other lonely people especially the widows, who are often forgotten.

What weaknesses can you use? Or what has your journey in the valley and even high up in the mountains taught you?

All I know is that this journey is forging me like a waterfall down a cliff…becoming something new…amidst weeds but is a place of beauty…

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