Blank Pages

So, where are  you with your walk with Jesus?  Have you accepted Him as your personal Savior or are you still in the stage of not quite sure you want to go in that direction?

Next, are you totally devoted to Christ, broken and  humbled before Him as you draw near and completely surrendered to Him?  Or, are you saved, yet you do not know what to do next?  Do you drift from one church activity to the next, not really know Jesus and who He is…not being completely surrendered, humble before Him?

For many years, and even now, I have been the person drifting from one activity to the next…after all, I grew up in the church and thought I knew it all when it came to the Bible and even how to act in church.   Yet, then my world came crashing down on me as my marriage ended and my son was taken from me…then I had to surrendered myself to Him and desire to know Him more.  I then realized He has always been with me even when I turned my back on Him during the marriage.

I haven’t been perfect with my walk as I still struggle with it; however, the more I resist, the more He seems to remain with me.

Yet one thing missing from my walk is discipleship such as not praying or even reading His word – the Bible – as much as I should.  Many times I shrug it off as too busy but I can’t be too busy for Him.  If I can watch hours of TV then I should have hours of time devoted to Him.

By now you are asking – is Ann rambling on in this post?  It may seem like I am but its about the next series of blogs.  I will be devoting time writing about that blank page or even a page that is a bit dirty but can become white and clean as you build your journey with Christ.

So stay tuned…I may not write every week or even write a few times a week, depending on my schedule.  I hope to have a few guest bloggers sharing their own journey.

So, if you want to share tips on your journey with Christ or have questions that you want answered, please feel free to send me a private message either here on this page or  at  Your identity will remain anonymous…

Blessings, my friends!

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