Snow and the Lessons Learned

Well, it’s hard to believe that we have been here in our new town for almost six months…time flies when you are having fun.  Yet, even as we prepare to celebrate this milestone, we are currently experiencing our first real winter here.

When winter first started here, the weather was milder than it usually is as the weather forecasters tell us that we have less than the usual amount of snow.  Many people want to gripe because they do not want snow – it’s messy, slippery, and it gets old.  To us, it’s not old since we came from a climate that had probably an average of a few days to a weeks’ worth of snow every winter.  And, when it did snow, it quickly melted.

Growing up, I lived mostly in eastern Washington and enjoyed long days of snow every winter – some winters it might have been a few inches while other winters was more quite a bit more.  I spent one winter as a newspaper carrier and would traipse through the woods and let my imagination run while…those were good memories and times to reflect on life.

Now, living in Eastern Washington again, we are experiencing SNOW especially after experiencing a freezing fog that lasted at least 2 weeks so no sun and lots of hoarfrost – very beautiful.  Now, we have snow for over a week and more is accumulating every other day so now we have had some interesting experiences with snow…

Dirty Vehicle – I mean, I just washed my car and its already covered in junk again…even the inside is getting muddy from wet shoes and wheelchairs.  We had a scare last week while on the freeway and the windshield got covered in gunk.  In the process of trying to clean it off for a clear view, I managed to make it worse and experienced a iced over window as we passed a truck!  Scary!  Fortunately after praying and doing some quick clean with wipers while blasting defroster, I had my vision back!  Whew!  Now our windshield washer stuff is frozen and we can’t use it while I still have a somewhat dirty windshield…sigh…now I need to learn how to get the stuff deiced…car shop here I come!

  • Lesson – we need to do maintenance stuff with our life like read God’s word and pray to have a clear vision on where He is taking us…

Cold and cold and cold…my poor fingers are not liking the cold if I’m out too long and our home became drafty from the cold.  After all, how many times does a person experience subzero temps with wind chills that make things even colder?  Now, we have blankets over our windows to keep out the draft and I’m learning to heat up car before going anywhere and don’t bother going anywhere if it’s just to something close by like the post office.  Do several errands at the same time.  As soon as we get some extra $$$, we plan to buy some more winter gear to endure this rest of this winter and be prepared for next winter.

  • Lesson – life has its challenges and many times we need to be prepared for these challenges.  We also need to learn how to deal with life’s challenges as we discover new ways to work around and become stronger.  After all, what doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.

Wheelchairs do not like snow…yes, we’ve gotten stuck in the snow yet we push through and eventually get where we need to go.

  • Lesson – no matter how tough or how  you get stuck in life, keep pushing through with prayer and determination…you will get your breakthrough.

Mud in the apartment – carpets and floor…yes, we are experiencing melting snow and mud throughout the apartment.  Yet we are grateful for our COPES people who patiently clean it up and having a warm house during this cold weather.  Even our cat is grateful as a visitor – another cat – spends the night on our porch, curled up on our chair.

  • Lesson – be grateful for what you have and don’t complain about the minor stuff.  Life is too short for that…and, make sure your animals are inside your warm home.

Slippery roads – yes, learning to drive in a dryer but colder snow has been fun.  Though I respect the conditions and have been proud of myself as I manage to get out of these situations.

  • Lesson – speed is not the answer.  Going slow and easy in these conditions will help with situations that require control of the vehicle and we all get there in one piece.  And, I’m grateful for snow tires that I finally get to really use…

Yet, in conclusion, even with its ups and downs there have been fun adventures like sneaking out last weekend to explore mother nature and take pictures of its beauty…or coming out of a grocery store to see a wall of police officers as they arrest a man who led them on a really long police chase.  Though I had to go around them to get to my vehicle, I am grateful for those who are outside and protecting us from harm.

  • Final Lesson – always listen to that small voice – it may have good advice.  If I had parked where I wanted to originally but decided to park elsewhere, I would  have been crunched or blocked in with groceries…

So, what lessons have you learned from the cold and snow of winter?  Any tips that you can give a person who is not used to these types of winters?

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