Our First Christmas Away From Home

Well, with my husband in the hospital recently and still recovering along with tight finances, we were not able to make it home for Christmas.

At first, I wanted to pout and cry – better not or Santa won’t come…or I could be simply being ungrateful for all that God has provided and brought us through this last year.

then, we got a message from our church asking if they could provide food for our Chrsitmas dinner.  We already had provisions from Thanksgiving (hubby was in the hospital at the time so we never used it) so we did not have a need for a meal; instead, we asked them to bless another family that had more of a need.

Yet, I was still upset that we would be spending Christmas alone and without the usual trappings until I remembered my own words to the church.  That there is probably someone out there who would be spending Christmas alone or may not be able to afford a meal themselves so we decided to look for a couple of people that would be alone.

Things became clearer and my pout disappeared as I asked around to see if there was such a person in this small town.  We learned of one such couple and asked them to dinner, they accepted.

An older couple, one of the first people to greet us at this new church, and who prays for my husband’s health, came to our home for dinner.

Of course, I went into nervousness, worried that my food would not be good enough as I experienced with new ways of making sweet potatoes, turkey, and even stuffing.  Even making a homemade apple pie for the first time in like at least 15 -20 years because husband wanted it.

Or would there be enough?

Well, we had more than enough and the food was delicious.  The pie was delicious even with the crumbling crust and too many apples!  The stuffing – made in the new crockpot – was delicious and everyone was too full to eat of the pie!  Though I talked my hubby into eating some today and he did – he agreed!  It was delicious!

Above all, the evening was a blessing as we fellowshipped with this couple. They prayed with us, told stories of their life, as we showered each other with fellowship and blessings.

Then, I learned as I tried to call them to wish them a merry Christmas, that my parents, alone during the holidays, had invited people from their church too…the same way we had.  They were too busy to talk to us!  I say with a smile as I’m glad they had the fellowship.

So, the lesson learned here is that even if you are full of people at the dinner table, or even alone during the holidays, bless someone with a meal and company by inviting them to the table.

After all, Acts 2:42 (NIV) reads:  They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

In conclusion, we wondered, if we were still living near family (who we do miss), would we have opened our eyes and seen the needs of others?  Perhaps God moves people out of their comfort zones to open our eyes and see a need.  Perhaps we are finally seeing why God moved us here and perhaps our hearts are being opened even more to the needs of neighbors as we may do this more often and perhaps make it a monthly ministry to break bread with our neighbors.

What are your thoughts?   How did you make someone else’s life brighter for the holidays?  What can you do differently in the upcoming year?

2 comments on “Our First Christmas Away From Home

  1. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas.
    We decided what we wanted to buy each other and added up the money, and took the amt. and gave it to our local animal rescue.
    Next year I am hoping to do more than this year but I have had the crud all through Christmas so it was not possible.

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