Things I have learned recently…

I’m back to blogging….tonight I am writing about a few things that I have learned throughout this latest journey…

First, the latest journey has ended…my husband is home after almost 3 weeks in the hospital.  He is slowly recovering and we do have help to assist with his care because he will need long term care from now on.  Just keep praying that he continues to heal.

Second, I’m done with my final on forgiveness…perhaps in a few days I will pull out the key points and post them here.  This class on the Gospel of Matthew taught me quite a bit about Jesus, the Gospels, and even teachings like forgiveness.  Even fully understanding why Jesus made the sacrifice on the Cross especially for us Gentiles when He cleansed the temple, which was one of the final straws that led to His death and then the hope of His resurrection.  And, remember, sometimes compassion is more important than the Laws….

Third, above all, I learned that even when life is stressful as it has been throughout this class, God gives us the strength to accomplish something.  Even though I asked and received an extension for my final paper, I was able to complete it by the original due date of last night!  I passed with flying colors on that paper and earned another A to keep my GPA of 4.0.  Amazing!  Praise the Lord!

Fourth, the class on Matthew was my last class at Hope as I prepare to transfer to Northwest University.  It’s been an amazing journey now I must transition to NU and finish a dream to earn a degree at the college while having the chance to be surrounded by family when I finally graduate.  Otherwise I would not be able to have family if I graduated from a school so far away.  My new class will be on learning how to perform weddings, funerals, and other church type events.  I can’t wait as I eagerly peruse the stack of new books at my desk.

Fifth, when you’re scared and feel along, worship with your heart.  At times, while my husband was away, I would get scared at night.  I prayed and sang songs of praise so I would be able to sleep well.

Sixth, balance hospital visits and your life.  I was able to keep my wits by visiting my husband every other day.  You may feel like you are abandoning your loved one; however, unless they are gravely ill, it’s a good thing.  You are able to get needed household stuff done (plus other stuff like schoolwork) without stressing or wearing yourself out.  This is especially important to take care of yourself so you can be prepared to take care of loved one once they come out of the hospital.

Seventh, release pride.  We have help with my husband – caregivers – and it’s strange releasing some of the work to them.  Yet, this will free you up to take care of more important things around the home while spending more quality time with your loved one.  I thank those who are caregivers such as nurses, home health aides, therapists, etc. who works these jobs without complaint and are gentle to a person’s loved one.

Eighth, the hospital time may be somewhat of a blessing.  We discovered a group of people who share the same dream to open up a community style coffee shop someday.  As soon as my hubby is stronger, we hope to meet with these people and learn more about their dream.  So stay tuned.

Finally, I am grateful that God is continuing to heal my husband and HE helped us through these tough times.  Praying that my husband regains the strength he needs as he continues to heal.  I am also grateful for all of you and I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

What are your thoughts as you go through a journey that may seem tough?  Please feel free to comment…

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