Simple and Powerful Prayers

Prayer…what do you think prayer means?

I believe it is talking to God on behalf of other people as well as ourselves for healing, a job, finances, relationship issues, and so on.  Prayer is having a conversation with God about every day life while thanking and praising Him for the blessings in our life.  Prayer is a heart of gratitude while at times or it may be a prayer of urgency and hoping for a miracle as a loved one or even you are quite ill.

According to Strong’s Bible Dictionary, prayer is defined as intercession, supplication, a request, contemplation, petition, and to even ponder.

I used to be a weak prayer, even struggle with praying at times, yet since moving to this little town, without the distractions of too many everyday life of living in a large town, my husband and I are learning to pray together.  We pray as get ready for bed for each other and anything else that is going on with the world, our families, the church, or even our lives.

There is prayer for those on Facebook like the ones who needs a healing miracle, a missing relative, or even seeking prayer on behalf of my husband who still not himself since the strokes.  I find myself praying for these people when I used to say just praying and not bother to pray for them at all.  Now, I’m teaching myself to stop and pray as soon as I start typing that I’m praying and if possible, put the right prayer words in my response.

We can all pray.  Even Jesus prayed.  For example, during the time He fasted on the mountain and even the night before His death when He prayed to His Father to take the cup from Him, yet He went through with it.

Furthermore, when we believe, He gave us the power heal people in His name through the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, we need to believe that people will be healed or their situation will be turned away.  Yet, even if they are not healed or the situation is not turned around, we can still pray that God will bring comfort and perhaps find another way to help with the situation.

After all, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV) reads:

Rejoice always, pray continually, given thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, the missing sister was found, people were healed of their sickness and/or injuries, and there were a few people who went home to be with the Lord.  Furthermore, my husband is still weak yet he is slowly re-gaining his strength as he encourages me even during his moments of weakness.  Yet, he still needs prayer; however, I know God is with us and He will help me through this journey with my husband.

Finally, remember prayer can be done anywhere or anytime – while reading the Bible by praying His words, remembering His words, while we are driving, walking, riding, evening, morning, noon or even while watching your child as he/she participates in an activity.  After all, God does not care what time or place we pray as long as we are talking to  Him.  And, if you don’t know what to say to Him, just start talking and the words will start flowing out of you even if it’s just bits and pieces at first.

What do you need prayer for?  Whatever your prayer request, I’m praying for you and if you need prayer for a specific request, please feel free to message me.

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