Another Change to the Path

Well, my path is changing once again…or I should say, I am returning to a path to fulfill a dream that started 27 years ago when I attended a weekend visitation at then Northwest College.  That dream was to earn a degree at Northwest and since then I’ve been on a series of paths that have taken me all around life.

I started this journey over 8 years ago when I entered their BA in Ministry Leadership program as a person yearning for a college degree.  After an issue with finances, I dropped out and continued my journey at Hope International.

After earning my BS in Human Development at Hope, I flittered from one Master program to another, trying to decide the best fit for me while yearning to return to Northwest University, yet unable to because it would have meant traveling 30 or so miles once a week, late at night, and away from my disabled husband at night.  So I scrapped that plan and started the MA in Pastoral Care at Hope, with still the yearning to go back to Northwest.

Then, recently while taking a break from Hope, I realized that I still had that dream so I checked out the programs at Northwest and discovered they finally had an online Master in Ministry program that I can do while living 300 miles from the school. Yes!  So, I applied and just learned today that I have been accepted and will be starting in less than 2  month so there will be a lot of scrambling to get registered, etc.

This is so exciting to finally end my educational journey at Northwest, the school that started the dream…plus I will be able to have more people at graduation versus if I was still at Hope, which is in Southern California.  They have an internship/special project class to learn to be a pastor while being able to get my credentials to become a pastor.  I cannot wait so I can finally have the right tools to show people the Good News of the Gospel and teach them about a Savior who is compassionate and wants them to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven!

Even now, in my Matthew class, I am learning so much more about the Gospel and wish to spread what I learn to other people yet I need prayer to overcome a weakness of being shy and often not able to express the Good News to people in a face to face conversation.

Many, even I, may wonder why God is using a shy – something very imperfect person – to reach out to people as a pastor.  Yet, I am reminded that God used imperfect people for His purpose.   The Bible is full of them…

So, in conclusion, remember that you may not always wonder why God is using you, just believe that He does have a purpose for you and to keep on that path.  If you’ve strayed from your intended path, pray to Him and ask Him how to get back and He will, in a surprising ways, like He showed me how to go back to Northwest University.

So, what is keeping you from your purpose in life?  Do you worry that you are not perfect enough?  Or, that you have strayed so far that you can’t get back?

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