Taking Back the Night and Overcoming the Fear

On this day, at approximately 6 o’clock at night, on October 30, 1986, I was walking home from school after an evening of drama practice.  I do not remember which play it was; however, an event occurred that changed my life forever as I began to fear this date for the last 28 years.  A kid younger but bigger than me decided he wanted me and was playing it a bit rough.  He and his buddies had followed me home a few days prior and had harassed me but now this kid became bolder as he came at me in the dark.

I was able to keep moving and lead him towards a lighted apartment complex where I screamed my loudest and hardest.  That scared the kid and he took off into the dark so I ran home, afraid that he was following me home.  The police were called and soon the kid was arrested since he lived just a few houses down from me.  Sadly, a few days later, his father was in a car accident in the neighborhood and the kid was charged by was on probation for a while.  I never knew what fully happened to him.  Prayerfully, he got the help he needed and is no longer terrorizing people.  My parents went on with their lives as I continued to live in fear.

At that time, I was part of the Washington State Patrol Explorers group and had an event on Halloween, the next day.  I tried not to be afraid as I sat in the dark and monitored the parking lot; however, after the event, I was afraid especially since my parents were late in picking me up.  Not until they arrived, was I able to finally breathe again.  After that event, I was afraid to walk alone though I still continued to do so because I could not let fear rule my life; however, I would remain fearful as October 30th approached and I wondered if I would ever feel safe on that again as some of the fear lessened over the years.

tonight. I went to the church in preparation of its Light the Night, or October 31st event.  We had to walk around the church and pray for this event so I did for the first two laps on my own.  It was dark and I wondered “should I be afraid?”  As I prayed and walked, I blessed God for protecting me and being at my side as I overcame the fear.  The enemy can no longer control my emotions on October 30 – I have taken this night back from him and have given it to God.

After all, God is the God of peace and with Him at our side, who should we fear?  We need to put our trust in Him and not live in fear.  Though it can be tough to put our trust in Him especially tonight as I fear for my husband’s health as we hear more reports from tests.  I want to stay in with him and just live my life in fear and yet I am reminded that God is in control and I have nothing to fear so I stepped out in faith, this night that changed my life so many years ago, and took control of the fear as I let God work in me to bring perfect peace.

What fears are you holding back from fulfilling your purpose or journey?  Whatever it is, seek God and ask Him to give you peace and remind the enemy, that he has no control over you and you are taking back whatever he robbed you of.

And to any woman who has lived this type of fear for only a short time or most of your life, like I have, I am praying for you…

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