Standing at a Crossroad

Wow!  it’s hard to believe that today marks the 1 month anniversary since we moved to our new town.

Since our move, we have learned a lot about each other, living in a small town and how God works even as we remain faithful to Him (even if we were unfaithful, He still works things out as He remains faithful to us).

Even the cat is enjoying the new home – though she put up a big fuss on the way over – as she cuddles with me at night and continues to beg for her dinner if I’m even a few minutes late in giving her dinner.

We’re learning that yes it does rain in this area though people have said it does not.  The last few days have been blustery with wind and rain as the temperatures drop.  The heater has been on for about a week and we realize that we may be in for a winter as cold as everyone talks about.  Hopefully I will have a white Christmas unless we are able to make it home for Christmas.

Yes, we still have the vision of opening up a community-type coffee shop as we discovered that there is at least one building for sale here in town.  If it’s God will and He provides, we would like to purchase it since it has at least 3 office spaces, 4 apartments, and it overlooks the lake with a trail nearby.

The downside is that we heard businesses – especially food industries – struggle in this area and if we wanted to live in one of the apartments, we would have to install an elevator and do other “remodeling” jobs to make it into a business.

Another downside is that the town often resists improving the area in order to attract visitors, wanting to keep its small town charm.  I see their point; however, maybe it’s time to attend council meetings and become involved with the politics of this town.  I can see some needed changes like maybe revitalize downtown with fresh paint, some greenery, and someway to make it appealing to those traveling 2 major freeways and give potential visitors a reason to travel out of their way.

Therefore, we need prayer in the following areas:

1) For this town that God opens the eyes of the local people without stepping on toes.  Perhaps we can make a change in this little town while keeping its charm and peacefulness.

2) Prayer that God opens a job up for me or provides the financing to purchase a building and/or remodel it for His Glory

3) For Dene’s health – we are finding great doctors; however, if it’s God’s will, I want him around so we can work on this plan together as husband and wife

4) For the local churches that they can work together to make a change for His glory and help us with elbow grease, resources, and other needs.

5) That there is a revival in this town and the small churches become crowded with people as they desire to learn more about Jesus.

Above all, even with these prayers, we must remember that God directs our path and He will provide in order to help us fulfill His purpose.  I’ve learned a new verse about paths and as we stand at the crossroads of these major freeways plus a minor highway, we must allow God to direct our steps as we prepare to go down a new road in our journey:

Jeremiah 6:16 (New International Version): This is what the Lord says:  “Stand at the crossroads and look;     ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…”

One final thing that I have realized is that Dene and I live near two major crosswords as one of the highways crosses path with two of the main arterials through town.  We are praying that God helps us take the right path to reach out to people as we continue to hear His voice…

So, are you standing at a crossroad in your journey?  Do you know which path to take?

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