A husband’s perspective

Tonight, once again, we share my husband’s perspective on our new town and how he is adjusting to life in small town America.

Howdy, it’s Dene, Ann’s husband again

We are now mostly unpacked and getting used to Medical Lake and its small town feel.

Settling in has been pretty smooth, a few bumps and scrapes, no worries though.

The last few nights we survived a dust storm followed by thunder and showers. The wind was so strong it bent the license plate on our van and coated it  in mud.

Ann found a brown bear car wash in a near by town and our van is all clean and pretty again.

The days are quite hot and the traffic is well, no traffic at all.

Have discovered that when you get comfortable and settled in your life, get ready God will put a big idea in your heart.

Don’t waste the big idea, let it grow for a while then move and take action following the Holy Spirit to make it reality, all to bless and glorify God.

Have you moved into a new job, home or business?

If so, listen to that still small voice it takes some constant listening to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Just be ready, the loud voices of this world must be silenced be for the still small voice of the Holy Spirit can be heard.

Make sure what you are hearing really is from God, His words will match the Bible and what it says.

Hope my words have encouraged and edified you, God is good, all the time.

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