Closed on Sundays…

Well, we continue to discover more about our new little town from the fact that many places are closed on Sundays to the fact that there is only one fast food restaurant in town.  As we make these discoveries, we are either amazed or go wow!  What a small town!

During our first weekend here, after visiting a community church where everyone was packed in like sardines, we went in search of a hardware store for fly traps.  Yes, the flies in this area are quite pesky and yet they remind us that we are in the country.  The one we drove by – where a cat lives in the store -was closed along with one of the local diners so we drove to another town over and discovered that many places were closed or we had to deal with national chains of restaurants and stores.  So we found what we needed at hardware store and then went in search of lunch only to discover nothing but fast food was open so we drove home and made a good old fashion sandwich – better than McDonalds or other fast food.

Since we have lived here, I am discovering that fast food and other junk food is not as appealing anymore since there are no real fast food restaurants here.  I’m losing weight and I have more energy though I am bored in the afternoons after I finish some chores and job hunt.  Even though I go through periods where I crave chocolate (too much sweets is not good) or other goodies that are bad for me, I distract myself with something else and soon that craving is gone.

Instead, we find ourselves cooking good old fashion home cooked meals and keep the somewhat healthy stuff like produce around to eat – I do need to get another crockpot!  Especially since I found a cookbook for crockpot meals at the local 2nd hand store.

As I eat less and less everyday (though I got a lecture from hubby about skipping meals), I am finding myself less attractive to the cookies, chips and even high calorie crackers.

Therefore, each day I am discovering that there are benefits to living in this small community from the lack of fast food restaurants to the little second hand store that does not accept bank cards…yep…we are still living behind the times in some areas yet still have modern conveniences.  Yep…it has definitely been good…especially since the slow Sundays around here give us a chance to really honor the Sabbath through rest, church, and enjoying life in the country.

What benefits have you discovered on your new journey?  If you live in a small community, what are the tricks to adjusting to life in a small farming town?

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