Where the deer roam…

Well, I have discovered that we are definitely in the country from the deer that cross my path as I drove up to our apartments, the town wide yard sale in a very small town, and the only drive in restaurant within 20 miles of the yard sale town…

So how did I make these discoveries?  Well, I needed a new bed so we ordered one and it was delivered yesterday.  Before delivery, I had to get rid of the one I have been sleeping on for several months now.  Well, it was more of a convertible sofa and my back never appreciated sleeping on it.

After donating bed to goodwill, I made my way to a town about 20 miles away called Reardon which was holding a yard sale.  Much to my amazement, I discovered there was at least 2 yard sales on every block of this small town so there was a lot of parking and walking from yard sale to yard sale.  Many things but nothing I needed within my price range until I stopped at a few houses and some discovered some exciting treasures.

The treasures included a TV stand, a baker’s rack, 3 glass canisters for my staples like rice, beans, and ???, and two golden lamps.  What a find and I for once was able to bargain deals with people as I bundled and saved.

Though I somehow managed to pay $5 for a .50 bottle of water.  These little kids were selling water and all I had was a 5 so I handed it to them.  I tried to tell them to just keep a dollar but they misunderstood and thought I meant the whole bill!  Lo and behold they were excited as they talked to their parents about the money!  Hoping they are blessed with it and can find a new treasure that they seek.

Finally tired and hungry, I headed to the local drive-in called Dean’s Drive IN and ordered a couple of cheeseburgers and fries for hubby and I.  Thirty minutes later, I was still waiting until at last, I received my order.  Being the only “fast” restaurant in at least 20 miles and with a town wide yard sale, they were quite busy…

With food in hand, I headed for home and pull into my street to discover one deer crossing the road and then lo and behold…two more deer ready to cross so I stopped and let them cross.  As I parked my vehicle, another one appeared and were roaming the grass around my building just as a truck drove by and off they went.  What beauty to see them dashing for safety as they crossed the road once again.

As I sat and watched them, I realized we are definitely in the country…

What treasures have you found on your journey?  Or even amazing discoveries that highlight God’s creation?

Finally, remember that even though you seek earthly treasures, remember, we must be like the deer who thirst after water as we long for God as we seek His wisdom and knowledge (Psalms 42:1 New International Version).

Please feel free to comment.

2 comments on “Where the deer roam…

  1. Hi Ann,
    I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the beauty of your new home. God’s glory is found throughout his creation. I share your love of nature and his gift of the deer for you and the hummingbirds for me!
    Love and God’s Blessings,

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