The Goodbyes and Farewells…

Well, the final few days in this apartment are here.  So much to do and so much to say good bye to.

Last night, as the sun set, I took pictures of the neighborhood surrounding our apartment.  There is the harbor that overlooks Whidbey Island, the marina, several apartment buildings, a high school, and several businesses.  We even said good bye to the people at our local pharmacy and others in the neighborhood who we have done business with.

As we say our good byes, even now, the sun is setting and the view is breathtaking as if to say, Good bye to us and i’ll give you my best.

Yesterday, it was saying our good byes at church.  Some tears were shed as I hugged a few people good bye and realized I will miss that church that has been home for the last few years.  There are people like Cheryl, Cathy, Andy and Tanya, Pastor Craig and his family, Pastor Dennis and Diane (who helped me with school papers) and Rick, the man who hides Dene from me.  there are more but too numerous to name or I just never got their names but they will be missed.

A couple weeks ago, it was saying good bye to my husband’s medical staff and thanking them for such great care.  They have been supported and we have been blessed by then especially as they work tirelessly to treat my husband’s latest infection.  Do pray that he will grow strong as he struggles with a few medical issues as we prepare to move.  Yet even with these struggles nurses at his local dialysis center continue to monitor his health.  Kudos to medical staff and personal around the world.

Finally, though we had a party about a week ago with friends and family, there will probably be more good byes as we say good bye to those in our apartment, our neighborhood, and more friends and family.  Though we will be back for holidays and long weekends, it will not be the same as we move to a new home.

Yet, we look forward to meeting new people in our new town as we settled in and start a new life.

So who or what would you miss if you were to leave the comforts of your home and move to a new town?  Please feel free to comment.

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