The Blessing of Shoes

When I met my husband and we became engaged, I packed up my belongings to move to his hometown.  As I packed, I realized that I did not need all the stuff I had so my mother-in-law taught me a phrase called “bless someone with that” so into the blessing box went the things went I no longer need.

With this phrase in mind, over the last few days we have been going our belongings to figure out what to put in the blessing box including several pairs of shoes.  If I’m not wearing them, why bring them with us to Nevada?  I mean, how many pairs of shoes does a person need?  One item in particular was a pair of high heels that I wore once since my feet do not like high heels.  This pair was placed on the blessing chair in my building and was soon off to a new home as they blessed another person.

What does it mean to bless someone?  According to, blessing is defined as an act bestowed by person by giving a gift, mercy, favor, or even special words to another person.

God wants us to bless people and help the needy.  After all, according to Acts 20:35 (NIV), it is more blessed to give them to receive.  A needy person could be someone who is barely scraping by or someone who may need something like a pair of shoes but money just happens to be tight.  Thus, when they see something like a pair of shoes, they have been blessed with a gift.

These shoes were no longer valuable to me yet the person who has them probably finds them to be quite valuable.  We often have something that has some intrinsic value to it.  On the other hand, when you bless someone, this item becomes a completely different value to the person who received the gift.  After all, someone’s junk could be another person’s treasure.

For example, I think of the time when I was young and my grandfather worked at a local dump (the kind that was in the middle of nowhere and not so big as they have them now).  He found an old radio at the dump and brought it home and it was given to me.  The radio was a blessing even though someone probably dumped it thinking it had no value.  This radio was eventually passed on to another family member but I’ll always remember the blessing I received from it as I listened to my favorite music as a kid.

Finally, not only does an object have value, people have value as well.  God especially values people no matter what they have done.  Even if they have gone so low that they feel like they are living in a dump, He picks them up and restores them.  He delights in blessing His children, even those who have not called upon the name of Jesus.

How do you view your life?  Do you see yourself as valuable and that you are a blessing?  A gift as well someone who has been blessed with a gift?

6 comments on “The Blessing of Shoes

  1. Wow Annie amother inspiring blog story like Jesus tells us – thoughts to inspire us to bless others with the things we aren’t using or perhaps things we still like and use but see someone with a need we can fill and do without – less is better. Jesus loves you both so do we – mom n dad cole

  2. PS we love all your pictures and sayings that you find with your blogs – good job faithrul servant of our Lord xo Mom Cole

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