What happens if you don’t listen…especially to your wife?

So, as reported on an earlier blog, hubby went to the hospital earlier this week and went through a series of tests.  ERs do need to make sure they cover all the bases!   We thought it might be his heart or an infection.  Alas, it turned out to be simple dehydration…

Dehydration…it’s what happens when you do not drink enough fluid; however, my husband needs to be careful since his kidneys do not function and if there is too much fluid, that can cause problems too.

Before we headed to Nevada for a vacation, I warned hubby to stay on top of his fluids and make sure he was drinking enough water especially in the dry heat and in our area, where we experienced above average temperatures.  Did hubby listen?  No…he went in the hole without enough water and landed in the hospital (a place he does not like to go to).

Though many of you can relate to your spouse, a child, or parent not listening to you, there is one voice that we – including me – do not always listen to.

Or, we ignore that small quiet voice telling us what to do.

This person we all ignore is God as He gives us guidance, answers prayers (not always the answer we were expecting) or when He is casting a vision into our lives.

Why don’t we listen:

  1. By human nature, we have a tendency to disobey
  2. With many distractions, we would rather listen to other voices
  3. Like my husband, we think we have it under control
  4. With prayer, we want a different answer
  5. Hearing gets worse as you continue to ignore the voice of the Holy Spirit
  6. Simply, we don’t have time to listen or we ignore it completely

As we prepare for our journey, we are trying to listen to that still small voice and the direction He wants us to go.  It is difficult and I am preparing for a new class on Monday called The Spiritual Journey: The Integrated Approach of Henri Nouwen where I’ll learn to listen to that voice more and focus on listening to God and the purpose He has for our lives.

Finally, if you don’t listen, you can land yourself in hot water for not listening (like my husband) or end up on the wrong path….

So, what direction are you ignoring?  Are you ignoring that still small voice?

If so, take time to be still and quiet while listening for that still small voice.  This can be done through prayer and reading His word.  It can also be done through turning off electronics like phones, computers, etc.  Even getting away for at least an hour or so, if you can.   And, remember, He is listening to you too…

Finally….remember to listen to your spouse!  Often the Holy Spirit is using them or they have sound, sage advice…

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