How wide is your path?

Well howdy again, this is Ann’s husband and I will be writing tonight’s blog (yes, God has healed after the trip to the emergency room of dehydration).

Has anyone in authority ever told you to get on the straight and narrow path?

I was that young person that was told that by my senior pastor, he was a retired air force colonel and when he told you something; you always put it into action.

That was thirty five years ago and ever since then I have only fell off the straight and narrow once.

Now Ann and I are starting down a straight and narrow path to Las Vegas, you ask? How can you be on the straight and narrow in Las Vegas?

We saw quite a few hurting and lost souls in Vegas during our recent trip.  We also went to a thriving church, in the same area.

Just don’t make sense why someone couldn’t get the two together…Especially since less than 35% of the population in Nevada are affiliated with any religious organizations!  Turns out Nevada is one of ten states that fall into this statistics.  It’s time someone did something about the lost and hurting in Nevada…though ministries are thriving in that area.

So that’s why Ann and I are heading down to see if we could cast our vision to some churches and groups of pastors, thank you Jesus they will catch our vision.

This has been a long road with a lot of false starts and misleading dreams but now after much prayer on our knees and listening to the still small voice,

We are right at the jumping off place, it’s very scary.

We move ahead with faith and mercy leading our way.

So when it’s your vision or dream calling to you be bold and courageous and walk the straight and narrow path and find others that are excited about your vision, start casting and bring in the harvest.

But first we need to plant the seed…

Thanks for listening…Dene Cole (The Praying man)


What path are you traveling on?  Is it narrow or wide?

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