Please say that again, Lord

So, this week, i’m in the middle of a final for my class…yes, time flies by as i’m wrapping up my Casting Vision class.  Therefore, my husband will be making the contributions to the posts.  He is blind and has a simple way of writing yet he is a great communicator (some of the time : ), at least from the viewpoint of a married wife).  Anyway, hope you all have a great week as we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July.

Today we need your help and your thoughts since this will be a relaxed blogging week).


Howdy everyone out there in Ann’s blog.

This is Ann’s husband, Dene and I will be writing the blog for today.

What do you do when the brakes seem to get slammed on your current move to Las Vegas; you take a deep breath probably a whole bunch of deep breaths.  And get on your knees asking Jesus “OK LORD Jesus what is your voice and what is Satan’s interference”

Then be quiet and listen for that still small voice, sometimes the voice comes in the early morning stillness, and the answer usually doesn’t make too much sense.

Why does it not make sense because GOD’s ways are not are ways. (Isaiah 55: 8-9)

But through JESUS HE has made a way.

So if the answer comes out loud and pushy, it is likely Satan or one of his fallen angels.

So Ann and I are trying to be still and quiet listening and waiting.

But Lord we need the right answer pretty soon since are current lease is up August 31, I take another deep breath and try to still my mind

Ann and I have come up with three locations:

  1. Bitterroot valley mt
  2. Reno NV
  3. Las Vegas NV

so what do you think

should we go for one, two or three?

Three will have better employment options for ANN.

Two will let our body’s adjust to the heat (and Lake Tahoe sounds beautiful esp in winter)

One has the wonderful ranches but it gets very cold

Have you ever had this problem, trying to figure out what Jesus is trying to tell you?

At least try this, get on your knees and ask him? What next or where too next JESUS.

Thanks for listening to me… Dene Cole(the Praying Man)

Stay tuned….The Praying Man will be coming out with his own blog, talking about what it takes to get GOD’s full attention through prayer


My PS – even though this class will be ending, my blog continues as I prepare to start a new class called the Spiritual Journey of Henri Nouwen. so stay tuned.

2 comments on “Please say that again, Lord

  1. Wow great blog lots to think about pray about and listen to – for me God’s answers come in His Living Word – praying for your decisions and knowing that where ever we are we are God’s Chosen Children because of Christ Jesus and sometimes He says Bloom Where you are planted on the way to where He leads you – wondering what happened to choice 4. Wenatchee east mountains in Washington or 5. Bloom where you’re planted – we love you both. Mom & Dad – part of your Support Team –

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