Does Mr. Rogers Live in Our Neighborhood?

Okay, so, just as we were about to doze off last night, a piercing alarm shattered the semi-quietness of our apartment building.  I tried to remain calm but a bit panicky as I realized it was a fire alarm.  Things became a bit chaotic as I dashed to get decent clothes on, round up the cat, and get my wheelchair-bound husband out to the balcony.  Then I stuck my nose out in the hall to see what the rest of the neighbors were doing…only one was leaving the building from our section of the floor and the elevators were closed off.  Fortunately, the alarm turned out to be a false alarm…though I wondered why no one checked on those who were wheelchair or otherwise unable to escape down the stairs?

With this thought, I was reminded of how little we know our neighbors, even after over three months in our building.  Yeah, we say hi and talk to them in the hallways; however, we do not have a whole lot of communication with them.  It took one neighbor coming over last week needing some salt and pepper before we found out that he similar taste of music as my husband, and he is a Christian.  He was impressed that we let him keep the salt and pepper – something we do not use a lot –since he does not know too many people who are kind or enjoy blessing one another.

We have learned that we have an interesting collection of neighbors in our building that includes young families, single parents, disabled people, and even quite a few elderly people.  For instance, there is the neighbor who is shorter than I am (I’m only 4’11”) and she is one of the kindest ladies I’ve ever met.  Furthermore, there is the man who seems to know everything about the building since he has lived here for a long time.  Then there is the neighbor above us – a single mom – who we complain about because her young son keeps us awake some nights.  Though recently, I keep getting reminders from God that we need to pray for neighbors even if we are not happy with their behaviors.

As humans, we were meant to connect with each other and have fellowship with other people.  Unfortunately, we are becoming a society that spends too much time with social media and not a whole lot of face-to-face contact with our neighbors.  I’m just as guilty as anyone reading this blog or a stranger on the street.

That is why we want to start a community style coffee shop so people can re-learn to interact and fellowship with each other without pressure.  Hopefully.  We know – it will be a long shot since people attached to their personal electronic devices.

Therefore, in conclusion, Mr. Rogers does not live in my neighborhood; however, as commanded by Jesus, I will love my neighbors (even the noisy one) and find ways to connect with them.  Even if it is just a simple hi with a smile and asking them how they are doing.

So, who are your neighbors?  How do you think you can connect with other people in your neighborhood?

6 comments on “Does Mr. Rogers Live in Our Neighborhood?

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  2. We recently moved into a new home about 4 weeks ago. It used to be that if you were new to the neighborhood the neighbors would come over and greet you and welcome you. Now-we are lucky if we get a hello or a head nod when we are out in the front yard or coming home from work or errands. We don’t know who lives on either side of us-there are lots of people coming and going and it is really hard to tell who ACTUALLY lives there. The one sad thing about not knowing the neighbors is that my kids can’t even go outside and play and meet new kids. We don’t know who our neighbors are so we are kind of afraid of them and afraid that something bad would happen to our kiddos if we just turned them loose. It is a strange world we live in today and I fear it will only get stranger!

    • Great thoughts! It is a sad world and I wanted to put in my blog that we do need to use caution when meeting our neighbors because even in my building, there are some that give me the creeps when i’m on the elevator with them. OR the “noisy” neighbor who invites all kinds of people up to her apartment. Yet, I wonder if it would be best to know neighbors so we know who can be trusted and be cautious of the ones not trustworthy.

  3. I am enjoying your blog. I am as guilty of this as anyone else. I live in a townhouse and a young couple moved in a couple of months ago. I introduced myself and told them if they every need an emergency babysitter to please knock on my door as I am home on medical leave. Our condo’s have pretty thin walls and every morning I hear the baby cry and when they leave for work I listen to their dog whine all day. I understand these are things you really cannot control so I don’t complain. Wednesday night about 11 I heard someone pull into the driveway then heard knocking on the neighbors door. I found it odd since they are early to bed usually but they answered the door finally and I didn’t hear anything else. So Thursday morning when I left the house I noticed both of their cars are home, which is unusual as they both work. As I was leaving I realized I hadn’t heard the baby and the dog did not bark when I closed my front door, which he always does. When I got home nothing had changed and I saw they left their porch light on. I knocked on their door to ask if they were ok in there and got no answer. No wiener dog barking hysterically. No cat sitting in the window. I started to worry that something had happened to them. That knock on the door late the night before had me worried. Had someone hurt the family and the dog? I sat here a while and then rang their bell again. I looked in the kitchen window. No sign of life. At that moment one of the other neighbors came around the corner and I explained my worry. He laughed and said they probably went on vacation and only to worry if I start to smell something bad coming from next door. This did not amuse me. After thinking on it a while I realized they probably did leave, maybe whoever knocked on their door the night before took them to the airport. That would also explain the absence of the dog and cat. When they return I plan to ask them to let me know when they will be gone so I won’t worry. Also I will know to keep an eye on their place. I am by no means a nosy neighbor but I sure would hope someone would be looking out for me in the same situation. I like to think if I have a fall (just had back surgery and a hip replacement and live alone) they would hear my cries for help and respond. It takes a village!

    • I agree. It’s amazing how we really notice our neighbors when something is amiss. Our noisy neighbor has been quiet all day. I know the boy was scared by the alarm the other day. I hope he is all right and perhaps they are on vacation.

      I hope there is someone to look out for you and yes, it does take a village to look out for each other.

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