The burden of too much junk in our lives…both materially and spiritually

Well, we started the process of packing yesterday.  So far we have a small stack of boxes, a blessing pile, and furniture is being labeled; however, as I pack, I am sorting through the bookcases around the television that contained books, CDs, and movies.  As I sort through this assortment of “stuff,” I do wonder why people collect so much stuff as I get rid of material things as well as junk within me that may be holding me back from fulfilling my vision.  After all, if we put too much stuff on the moving truck, it will come at a cost just like other junk in our lives will come at a cost.

Have you ever seen what happens to a person when they are walking or climbing up a path and have too many burdens on their shoulders?  It weighs them down and they struggle to get through life. 

After all, sometimes we all carry too much baggage called fear, sin, and guilt as we step into this path to fulfill our vision in life and we get weight down with it.  Jesus wants me to give it all to Him; therefore, I need to release it to my Redeemer and live a more carefree life that is not over burdened with junk.

According to Gal 5:1 (NIV) “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.   Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” 

This passage means that Jesus paid the price so that we are no longer burdened by the slavery of sin.  The Biblical idea of freedom is related to slavery and being released from a lifetime of servitude; however, Christ’s ministry was about liberation from sin and the darkness.  On the other hand, just because we have this freedom in Christ, we do not have the liberty to continuously sin.  Therefore, we must do our best not to sin and release this burden of sin by confessing of our sins on a daily basis.

What does this have to do with preparing for our vision?  In order to fulfill a person’s God given purpose, they need to make sure their heart is right and they are truly living free from sin.  After all, our dream will be to reach out to other people and if we are habitually sinning, how will we reach people?   Therefore, my husband and I are making sure we do have peace in our hearts as we release any sin in our souls by asking for repentance…

What burdens are you carrying around that are holding you back?  Whatever your burdens, you can surrender them all to Jesus.  After all, He is the junk remover and He paid the price at the Cross for our freedom.

2 comments on “The burden of too much junk in our lives…both materially and spiritually

  1. Amen! It’s so wonderful to know that whenever we feel weary we can come and lay our burdens at Jesus’s feet and He will take them and replace it with newfound hope
    and strength in Him!

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