Has a cow ever jumped over the moon?

Probably not….

Tonight my husband and I went in search of a great view of the super moon.  We found a great spot to capture the view; however, we were a bit disappointed because clouds overwhelmed the moon just as it started to rise.

Many times life throws disappointments at us and we are unsure how to handle it.  Do we laugh?  Do we cry?  Do we get upset?

How did we handle this disappointment?  We decided to enjoy the time as husband and wife while we made a stop at the local Dairy Queen.  Perhaps the moon will be out by the time we are done; however, it was not to be seen through the clouds except for one curvy section peeking out through a thick cloud.

That one glimpse reminded me that even if things seem disappointing at times, there is hope that God is alongside each of us and we can put our trust in Him as He continues to amaze us with his creation even with something as like a super moon.

Finally, as we left the roadside park and headed home, we reminded ourselves that once we are living in the desert, perhaps we will be able to see the next super moon.  Or, we will have other glimpses of God’s creation while living near a desert that is filled with awe and wonder.

4 comments on “Has a cow ever jumped over the moon?

  1. The supermoon was to be clearly seen from the front of our house, but each time I looked, it was covered by clouds.
    What a blessing, early morning, to have a bright, very white light shining in my bedroom window as the very large moon was getting ready to disappear.
    Thank You, Lord.

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