Even on cloudy, rainy and stormy days — the sun is still shining…

Summer is quickly approaching; however, the raindrops keep falling on the ground around us. Some people love rain and wish they had more; others wish summer would come with less rain. Depends on which part of the country you live in right now, I guess.

Will we miss the rain when we move to Nevada? Perhaps; however, I grew up in a desert like community and I miss the heat and dryness of a lazy summer afternoon.

Recently, I visited my grandparents’ old farm in Eastern Washington. That day, it was raining versus when I normally visit and it is quite hot and dry. Along with a chorus of birds (I wish I had recorded their songs), I was given a view that caused me to choke up. Low clouds clung to the mountains as the residue of rain still lingered on the trees, grass, and other plantation including sagebrush. Therefore, I fell in love with the desert again!

I know it will not always be cool and rainy in the desert; however, as we explored the desert of Death Valley, I was awed and inspired by God’s creation. I thought, I cannot wait until I have the time to paint and raw again because the scenery is worth painting down there. I also realized that I will need to adapt to a new climate. How will I do it? Only time and trials will tell.

Will I miss the rain that falls on the green trees here in the Northwest? Of course, I will; however, I know God will use us to provide relief from the trials of life for people as we minister to them and I’m looking forward to that as much as I’m looking forward to being able to paint again.

What will you miss if you were going on a new journey? What are you looking forward to in life? What trial are you facing for your new journey?

Finally, I was reading recently that even when it rains, the rain is cleaning the earth and making things new. The sun is something to look forward to once the storm is over. Therefore, remember, even as the clouds are spitting rain and its cloudy and cold, the sun is still shining.

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