Happy Father’s Day Tribute

Father…Dad…Papa…Pops…when you hear those words, what do you think of?  Do you think of a father who is respectfully intimate with you and loves you? On the other hand, do you think of a man who is hard working, loving, or kind?  Perhaps, your image of your earthly father has never been so favorable or you do not have memories of a father.

Over the years, I have had a mix of both good and bad with my own father.  He had his rough moments and yet he had his good moments with my mother, me and my four siblings.  However, over the last few years, he has become a great dad as he enjoys retirement with my mom.  Once a pastor turned carpenter, my “retired” dad spend his days helping at the church and tackling his “honey do” list of projects around their house.  When he is not busy, he spends time spoiling his grandchildren. 

Because my father was once a pastor, I have always had the desire and calling to serve within a church.  I would love to pastor a church either by starting the vision of a community coffee shop or even a community center that teaches about Jesus and who He is.

Furthermore, there are fathers like my father-in-law who work hard all their lives while managing the health care of his oldest son, my husband.  Along with his day job and caring for my husband, while growing up, my FIL managed two other kids with my mother-in-law.  Today, my “retired” FIL continues to spend time with his kids and taking care of my husband and me.  In addition to his family life and helping us, he spends time helping a local food bank and other needs of the community.

This father is the essence of serving the community as my husband and I dream of serving the community as a way of honoring him.

Another father is my heavenly Father who I call Abba and love with all my heart, soul, and strength.  At times, I may disappoint Him with my earthly ways; however, no matter what happens, He is there with a warm embrace and a warm welcome as I ask for forgiveness of my earthly sins.  He has been my source of strength and He constantly has my back.  He is a Father who will never retire from His job…

For the longest time, I was afraid of fathers until I was taught about this caring Father and I have learned to respect and honor my own father in the process. 

This Abba Father is the one who has given my husband and I the vision to serve Him through a community type coffee shop. Though we love our earthly fathers, we want to serve this Father and hear His voice as we step out in faith…

Though many of you may not have warm and fuzzy thoughts about your own father or may not know your father, do remember that on this day – Father’s Day – there is a Father who loves you today and every other day.

Happy Father’s Day

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