A Harness of Unforgiveness

Since we are about to move to a new state, we need to prepare our cat for such a long move.  To prepare her, we bought a harness to put around her little body so that when we make stops and need to let her out, we do not want her running off.

Our first step in preparing her for the harness was to get her used to a collar.  We never had one for her because we wanted her to be free since she used to be a part time outdoor cat.  When we moved to a new apartment, she lost that freedom and now she is mainly an indoor kitty who is getting lazy and a bit chunky so we want to exercise her; thus another reason for the harness.

She likes the collar especially the new one with a jingle bell on it and little bees decorating the collar.  My blind husband can hear her and she is warming up to him more since he knows where she is at and can be petted more by him, which is a way to bond with a cat. Though the new collar makes a great wakeup call especially early in the morning when she decides to play near the bedrooms – before the alarm clock goes off.  We love her anyway especially when she comes up and cuddles with me first thing in the morning.

Anyway, when we first put the harness on, she hissed and growled so I removed it.

After she had time to calm down, we tried it again and I was given the look that said I wounded her pride and she was not happy.  Next came lots of lovin’ and kisses and treats with a dose of reassurance.  After a couple of hours, we removed the harness.

Today, the harness went back on for several hours.  When I finally removed it, there was a bit of fussiness but soon she relaxed as “mommy” petted her and reassured her that all is well.

Our next step will be to spend a few hours a day with said harness and eventually work up to the leash…what a chore!  Guess we’ll put test the theory as to rather or not you can train “old” cats new tricks…

Our Misty is learning new tricks as we learn that animals…no matter what you do to them, will forgive you for many things especially if they are treated well.

Though forgiveness is not always so easy for people since we are not so quick to forgive.  This bitterness and unforgiveness will keep us from fulfilling our purpose.  As you read this blog, is there someone in your life that you need to forgive?  Like a harness, perhaps this heart of unforgiveness is keeping you from pursuing your vision…

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