Blurred Vision

This is a quick blog since I may not be able to post tomorrow’s blog due to a eye doctor’s appointment. I will be dilated and it takes several hours for my eyes to clear. This dilating of the eyes reminds me that we often lose focus on our vision and we need to re-focus our eyes on the vision and the one who is leading us to the vision – which is God.

Over the years, I have strayed from focusing on the vision with distractions and other life’s challenges. Now, my husband and I are focused on fulfilling that vision and feel if we do not act now, the vision will never come to fruition and our future will remain cloudy like my eyes tomorrow while I wait for clear vision.

What is distracting you from your vision? Is it fear? Or something else? I am praying for each of you that God clears up your vision and you can see what is distracting you while becoming re-focused on your vision, or purpose, in life.

Stay tuned for my next blog by Thursday or Friday that will start giving more clarity to the next steps in our vision.

2 comments on “Blurred Vision

  1. Prayers for God’s Wisdom Love Healing on your journey with Jesus – wahoo the Joy of the Lord is our strength – mom n dad

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