God’s Path of Life

Big Four Ice Caves Trail near Granite Falls, WA

Big Four Ice Caves Trail near Granite Falls, WA

Years ago, I wanted to know my own path in life so I went for a drive up into some local mountains near some ice caves.  He gave me answered through the following poem as I drove along a road that was indescribably beautiful with trees, water, snow, and rain and finally sunshine peaking over what is called the Three Fingers area near Granite Falls, WA.

God’s Path of Life

You set a path before us – called Your Purpose and Direction in our Lives

Sometimes we stray from this path and become list; however, You continue to lead us back

Sometimes the path is smooth and we feel Your Presence; however, when the path is rough we sometimes do not feel You but You are still there helping us through those rough patches.

On this path, You give us warning signs of danger through the Holy Spirit – we can choose to heed or ignore these warnings; however, when we ignore, You there to catch us as we slip.

We think You are leading us in one direction and as we get comfortable, You lead down another path when we least expect it.

Sometimes as we travel this path, we expect so little from You; however, You have much more to offer than we could ever imagine.

Sometime we go too fast on this path; however, You want us to slow down and enjoy life.

Sometimes the path is foggy and cloudy; however, as we seek Your Wisdom, through prayer and the Word, the fog of confusion lifts and things become clearer.

Sometimes we want to quit or go back the way we came; however, with Your Help, we continue to go on.

Sometimes we carry too much baggage called fear, sin and guilt on this path causing us to be weighed down and not reaching our potential.  You want us to give it all to Him.

Sometimes storms descend upon this path; however, You are there to keep us safe and secure and when the sun comes out, we feel the warmth of Your embrace.

Remember that as we travel this path, You are in control and will give us wisdom to make the right choices.

Sometimes we grow weary on this path; however, as a stream bubbles with strength from rushing water, so our Joy and strength comes from the You – oh, Lord.

Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.  Ps 16:11

Thank you, God, for loving us so much that you created such a beautiful place to live.  It’s like you took a paintbrush and painted such a beautiful Masterpiece; however, as we bask in your creation, we must remember to worship the creator and not His Creation. 

Copyrighted 2005 by Ann M. Stenbak Cole


So where is your path, or purpose in life leading you?  Is it through a desert?  The mountains?  Or to a large metropolitan area? 

Stay tuned for my next blog as it starts to describe the path that God is leading my husband and I as we help those who are thirsty and are unable to quench that thirst.

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