Coffee Clutch and encouragement

On a weekly basis, my husband Dene (pronounced like Gene but with a “d”) meets with two older men for coffee. These men have been a part of Dene’s life for over twenty years. One man is recently widowed and the other is struggling with his wife’s chronic illness. My husband and these two men discuss the related issues as well everyday stuff along with their dreams and hopes for children, grandchildren, and the future. These men, like others who meet my husband, go away encouraged and ready for a new day.

Looking at my husband, one would think he needs the encouragement; however, he continues to bless people with this gift of encouragement. Dene was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 5 and he just celebrated his 50th birthday. Doctors did not expect him to live past the age of 30, yet he continues to out beat the doctor’s expectations even as he suffers one medical crisis after another related to the disease. The disease has taken his eyesight, kidney function, his first wife, as well as other complications that include a heart attack, stroke, double knee and partial hand amputation.

Yet, Dene continues to praise God and pray for other people as he encourages them through a time of fellowship. He even writes books and recently published a book called What Jesus Says to You, which is available at and Barnes and Noble. This book is filled with scripture intended to show you what Jesus says about you and your faith.

Both Dene and I would like to take this a step further and our dream is to open a community type coffee shop where other people can gather for coffee, relax, and enjoy community gatherings as we minister to people.

So what is your dream? What is keeping you back? Are you staying in your box, afraid to come out? Well, take courage to come out of the box and praise God for the next steps He has for your life.

Side note: Dene would like to speak to other groups and encourage them. If you would like him to speak at your church or other group function, please contact him via email at or Praying Man.

4 comments on “Coffee Clutch and encouragement


  2. I am sooooooo inspired!!!! I love that Dene is always evolving into the man of God that created him to be! Nothing can keep him down. Life can cause a speed bump, but I have always seen Dene rise above the situation and look for God’s hand in everything. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever known anyone like Dene: the kindness, God focus, love, optimism, selflessness and encouragement for others, creativity, intellect, growth, joy and happiness in the face of trials, stubborness! :), laughter, …I could go on and on…He inspires me more than any other person I have ever known and I hope and pray he encourages you too! How could you not be encouraged? What a beautiful soul! I am so happy that you, Ann, and Dene are making such an impact for Jesus and the Kingdom! You GO and don’t let anything hold you back! There is revival happening! Do what you guys do best: LOVE ON PEOPLE! God will do the rest! 🙂 I love you both so much more than you could ever know!!!!!!!!!! Your sister in Christ, Pam S.

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