Dangling 100s of feet in the air

Mt Erie_Anacortes

So, there I was, dangling 100s of feet in the air as I participated in a rock climbing event.  I won a contest for rock climbing – thinking it was a simple  hike.  Turned out to be an actual rock climbing that involved using ropes to support yourself 100s of feet in the air.  Me?  Climb rocks?  I was too afraid to climb on a step ladder to reach a top cupboard let alone climb rocks and pathways with just enough room for one foot.  Somehow I managed to climb halfway up before fear overwhelmed me.

The next challenge was climbing to the bottom of the cliff, which meant walking to the edge of the cliff and jumping off with a thin rope tide around my waist and relying on other people to be able to hold the rope.  Somehow, with my eyes focused on the person holding the rope, I slid off the mountain and soon found myself stuck in an upside down position half way down.  I could not go up and if I did not right myself, would slide out of the rope.

With encouragement from the team along with faith and trust, I was able to make it down.

Later, as I drove home, I reflected on the experience and realized that our faith can be small like trusting that rope to hold us up and God will be there, keeping us safe and yet if something goes wrong like me dangling from the rope, He is there to encourage us.  We can take that leap of faith and He will be there to catch us if something goes wrong. 

With these thoughts in mind, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a college program in Ministry Leadership at Northwest University and thus began a new journey towards earning a degree in ministry.

What is your dream?  Have you taken that leap of faith to fulfill your vision or dream?  Things may not always go right with that dream; however, God is there for you each step of that way. 

Note: Pictured is Mt Erie where I went rock climbing.

3 comments on “Dangling 100s of feet in the air

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  2. that’s awesome Ann – i’ve been going up Mt. Erie my whole life and never ever once thought of ascending or desending the rocks – way to go girl!

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