Vision 63_Beginnings of a Dream

Where my dad preached before he turned to carpentry

Where my dad preached before he turned to carpentry

This is the story about me and my dream to go into ministry…Early in life, my father was a pastor and we spent part of our growing up years as preacher kids, or PKs.  The picture that is included with this blog is the building used for the local church where my dad preached in the early 70s.  Today, this building is used as an office building while the church now serves as a house of worship for the local Hispanic communality.

My father gave up this role when he realized he had five children and the job as a pastor was not feeding them so he became a carpenter instead.  Over the years, my family and I served in various roles within the church.  Though he has given up his role as a pastor, my father is now serving as an elder at the church he attends with my mother.

Now, almost ten years ago, I began to hear my calling again to serve the church and the community.  I was involved in an evangelistic ministry at The City Church and had become a commissioned leader.  I sensed the urge to do more for God while realizing it was time to go back to school and earn a degree.

After dangling hundreds of feet in the air on a rope…stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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